Monday 30 December 2013

My life

I was always bullied in school, every day and the only time i stood up for myself I was punished I had clothes stolen while i was in the swimming baths, i had my glasses stolenm There wasnt enough books to go around so i had to share one to do some homework, unfortunately he didnt share it so i had to rely on other books as the library couldnt get a copy in time.

I think it really started in 1988, My dad died (54) 3 days before my 16th birthday in my exam year.. Now this was a shock he had been ill for 8 years before hand with Osteoarthritis in his shoulders I dont blame my dad i blame what happened next, Now my exam results were bad, afterwards my mum went to the school and the school actually told her "we thought you would have been used to your dad dying so we didnt tell the exam board".  The next year i lost both grans and my dog.  This was also my resit year.

MY mum, dad and brother were all administration based, they loved the work, i wanted to do it so i wanted to do  RSA typing/keyboarding, I also wanted to do home economics in 6th form, I was told again boys dont do that, Had to fight to do RSA, they wouldnt let me do home economics.  So my results were not as good as they could have been there either.  So i went to YT, to study for my BTEC first, they had placements my first was in Library service Once again was told boys dont do admin, so you will have to sit in the annex until needed so i read.. until needed, then they moved me to The microfiche department at the local council, was there a long time loved it but it was boring..then i got moved to a college marketing department while studying my Btec national I had passed my first.  So i worked there i loved it, was there for 15 months give or take, then there was a permanent job going my job.. i applied but didnt get it as they moved a secretary of one of the heads of department to that job, someone who hadnt worked there or got a qualification. I felt worthless i had been doing it and i didnt get the job due to politics. So i leave with my quals i apply to work for student grants in the council and i got in loved it but this was only a temp job, then that contract ended so i was on the dole, then someone left and they called me back .. Then the same job came up one i had been doing and once again so someone from another department moved sideways got the job and i was asked to teach her the job i had been doing for ages. Again i wasnt good enough. I then worked at the ITS section of the job centre i enjoyed it but once again temporary job with a permanent job advertised afterwards.. I applied and Once again i didnt get the job had been doing. So wasnt good enoung to keep the job.

then i went to several  job schemes, where it was always your fault you havent got a job, At one point i was doing some Open University i wanted to use my btecs to contribute to a BA, so i chose to do my Creative writing to get me into the swing of it, Was told at standguide training If they caught me doing that there they will kick me off and stop my money,  but i was trying to better myself,  i was spending 35 hours a week at standguide and coming home was too tired, so i couldnt really do anything. sitting around doing nothing reading old papers, doing nothing for 35 hours a week was so tiring as you had to be careful or you would be punished for no real reason.

then i went the a4e under new deal, where once again it was your fault, you never did enough, forget the old computers the out of date papers, It was your cv wasnt good enough, your letter not good enough, you wore the wrong things  I wanted to work so i told the placement officer there, well we had 7 different ones in 7 weeks and 7 times i told them what i wanted to do and each time they did nothing. I survived the place, it felt like survival. I got a placement I found at age concern, I worked there loved it, and once again there was a paid opening due which i applied for and once again i didnt get it, the same job i had been doing.

I got married to someone i met online an american, i would sign off and go to america, because i didnt drink/smoke/do anything i could save up then in october 2007 I got married to her.. 6 months later on may 9th she phoned and said she wanted a divorce, and she wanted £50,000 from the marriage. by september i was divorced, then in 2009 my brother dropped dead in front of us, april 6th, 7 days after his 49th birthday, He said "martin i feel dizzy" then stood up and died I froze, i didnt know what to do, if i had been faster if i had phoned sooner could i have changed things.

I the 2nd time i was sent to a4e I was told once again it was my fault, everything was my fault. This was in a very hot summer the windows wouldnt open move than 3 inches no fans, and it was hot, 20 men in a small room no air,and the tutor comes in and says theres a smell in here.. and she proceded to lecture people are boil washing clothes.. there was 20 to 55 year olds and they werent happy. Now they had a placement officer and he said he would find a placement, 8 weeks later after playing phone tag with the local hotel and getting nowehre, he gave up looking for one for me.  During this time the staff saw i knew computers and so said why not consider doing a PTTLS course in it we will pay, so i thought why not so i spent most of my time teaching other clients as their computer teacher in his own words "couldnt be bothered" turned out they wouldnt fund it, they lied I did everything i could but once again i wasnt good enough.

I had applied to work at the dwp, I passed the tests, and was waiting for Atos to check my medical records by that too months, then the government changed and they cancelled ALL recruitment.

The 3rd time i was at a4e, once again it was my fault, in addition at this time there was a lot of press about scroungers, skivers, blaming the unemployed because they would have a job if they werent lazy.  My first adviser lived in another city (liverpool)where transport was easier, She said if she can travel from the city to my home town, I should be able to travel to her city except the transport routes are different. I suffer from Osteoarthritis of BOTH ankles so i am limited due to health to walk too far, She then complained I was Applying for TOO many jobs I should be focusing on the one or two rather than the 3 a week I was doing, be a Sniper rather than a shotgun.. So once again My fault..

She became very dismissive about me so much so that I reported her to her boss they moved me to another adviser saying they can only move you a few times if it wasn't a good reason then tough, So they moved me to the 2nd adviser, he was friendly but one time he gave me the paper work of someone else in the office with nearly the same name as me..and on his caseload Not very confidence building. Then he made an appointment for me but under the other guys name, and it got confusing after that.

So i wasnt even memorable.

I got then the best adviser, Now I had started sending a copy of every email and correspondence to the adviser, By this time there was a feeling of You have to cover your back document everything or you will be punished. So I started sending 2 or 3 email applications a day to him, Yes 2 or 3 a day.. so for 18 months I did this, every month I was called in to be asked what I was doing, at first it was an hour meeting, then 30 minutes, then 15, then it became 5 minutes, it was actually taking longer to get to the appointment than I was there. So this went on this I felt was one of the better points. Then came my exit review, my adviser stated I had applied for more jobs than anyone else on his entire caseload if not the entire office and that it was just bad luck I hadn't got a job. I did everything I could and he understood its not easy getting a job. and he did his report to be passed to the job centre, to the Post work programme support scheme.

The adviser for the Post work programme support scheme She actually upset me so much by dismissing everything I had done over the last 2 years blaming me for the fact no employer wants me..  She said even my volunteer work wasnt good as it wasnt paid work and the personal comments it upset me, so much that I a 40 year old man burst into tears in the office afterwards I went to the doctors as what she said hit me she thinks I was worthless, this is the person who was supposed to help me, and so when the doctor saw my state he immediately signed me off.

At every point, it was your fault you havent got a job.I was blamed for it all. After many years of being told it was my fault, and that everything i did was wrong its hard not to believe it.  Especially as every day the state says it, the media says it.

Sunday 29 December 2013

Prostitute job advertised on UJM

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Salvation Army

When we get the Begging letters from the Salvation army I print off this and send it to them, as they have to pay the postage, and the time of the person opening it....

We will not give any money to salvation army that uses The Forced Labour of the Work programme.

"And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house."

Luke 10:7 (King James Bible)

And the LORD says, “What sorrow awaits Jehoiakim, who builds his palace with forced labor. He builds injustice into its walls, for he makes his neighbors work for nothing. He does not pay them for their labor.
Jeremiah 22:13

“There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.  Proverbs 6:16-19.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

More people sanctioned than got jobs

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Just had a argument

with two dumb dwp staff members.. apparently  the dwp staff are only obeying orders..

That defence didnt work in nuremburg,why should it work with the dwp.

If you do something that causes a person to kill themselves you are guilty of murder.. any organisation that causes people to kill themselves is evil..

when i stated that dozens of people are killing themselves due to the actions of the dwp..they ignored that.. when i said children were being made homeless they ignored that.

then when i said about sanction targets which are true which has been shown recently to the MP

OLDHAM and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams has attacked Iain Duncan-Smith over claims Jobcentre Plus staff are being pressurised to stop the benefits of claimants.

A anonymous former Jobcentre Plus employee told Mrs Abrahams staff have quotas to “sanction” benefit claimants and are actively encouraged to do so.

Mrs Abrahams raised the issue to the Work and Pensions Secretary at a select committee meeting last night.

The employee - who has over 18 years’ experience in Manchester jobcentres - said: “I tried to raise this but my concerns were ignored. Claimants are being set up to fail to meet benefits criteria — without regard for justice or welfare.

“Staff are asked to behave in a manner that is against the department’s values of integrity and honesty.

“An environment is being created where the safety of staff is at risk. There’s a culture of no accountability which is encouraged by senior managers if targets are hit

I distract myself

I read, i play some computer games, anything to distract me from the pain of this world. If i am watching a film this world fades away, I dont want to be here so i find ways to distract me from it. but its getting harder to escape.

If I could i would go on a one way mission to another solar system, anything to escape this world

I dont care anymore

I dont care about my health, If i die tomorrow doesnt bother me.  At least i will be out of this hell.

At least i wont be hurt and upset by people/dwp/government. At the moment i am not going to consciously kill myself, but i have given up, whats the point in it all..

death by self neglect.. why should i wish to live longer by eating "healthier" exercising more, living longer means suffering more pain..

Being treated like dirt, all the time, by feeling worthless all the time, by being told we are scum, we are lazy, why bother.

this is what is happening to people they are ceasing to care, I'd smoke if i could afford it to make my life end a little sooner.   They want quantity of life so people can pay more taxes, so they can give more money to the state.. but life is about quality of life and at the moment that quality of my life is very low.. So why bother..

Sunday 8 December 2013

I hold the DWP to Account

For every death, whether due to suicide, or being frozen to death by having their money stopped BY the DWP I hold them responsible for Murder. For every day of destitution they inflict on others I hold them responsible.

For every child that goes hungry because their parents have been sanctioned, I hold the DWP responsible.

Some may try to use the excuse Only following orders.. That will not wash. They could have stood up and said NO..Yet they haven't THEY are responsible.  For those that attack the DWP/Job centre staff they are NOT responsible for their actions. They have been pushed too far by the DWP/Jobcentre So the onus is on the Job centre and the dwp.. They are responsible for all acts of violence against their own staff.

By treating people like scroungers, treating them like they are lazy.

BY treating so many people like they do, they are responsible for Mass Murder.. They are bullies and anyone forced to kill themselves to get away from the DWP/Job centre.. they must be treated Like bullies and be held accountable.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Some ideas on HOW I would try to fix the country

 Ok.. take the funding for the work programme and focus it on local groups, rather than the multinational companies , that way you can individually tailor jobs to the area..what works in london doesnt work in liverpool and vice versa. Give employers a business tax break IF they hire the unemployed, even if its 6 months, that way you get employers to take a chance on the unemployed.. Free workers are depressing wages for others, its replacing people who get paid and thereby spend money with free workers people who have less..So i would ban all free internships, and forced volunteering. Set up proper training organisations with valid quals (nvq's gcse's etc) Not the kind of things that work programme providers do where the "qual" is cv writing..

Invest in local transportation rather than the HS2, which will start in london and eventually make its way up north in decades time, that wont help northern workers. Use that money to repair what beeching buggered up last time.. let towns have transportation to each other rather to the main hubs.. which all add costs and time.

remove the subsidy given to wind farms If wind farms worked and was profitable they wouldnt need the subsidy.. thereefore they are not profitable, plus they have a limited lifespan, and doesnt work in too windy, not enough wind, if the wind it pointing the wrong way.. meaning it is very erratic and you need other power stations to cover intime of calm winds.. invest in sea power, hydro electric.. and nuclear,

Make mp's and parties/government departments responsible for breaking their promises for making errors, as in the universal credit. Cut the wages of MP's if they dont turn up for votes, make them responsible for voting.. Mp's shouldnt have second homes, they should stay in government run houses in London when they are in london, they have to have lived in the area where they are mp's for a minimum of 5 years so they know the people and areas. ban expenses If they cant afford on their £60k a year plus to buy food etc then they are bad at finances..

 Get a accountant in charge of the finances of the country, a dr in charge of health and so on.. stop having idiots who have no clue running departments,

Friday 29 November 2013


More and more i feel that the outside world is a danger to me.  I feel a sense of threat building I rarely leave the house now, it is getting to be disturbing to me to step outside my house..

I feel attacked on every side, the DWP/government are out to get me, and the thing is they are..

A phobia is an Irrational fear of something,  But what if there is a rational fear  is that still a phobia?  Is it paranoia when you know the state is out to get you and to blame you for everything?

I am getting more and more scared to even leave the house to deal with people. I do on here and via email as i can have control of it, i can block people and ignore others.. but in the real world the world outside you cannot block people.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

I really am worthless you know

I am unemployed, I am diagnosed as depressed due to being treated like I am Worthless, In the Press i am seen as being worthless. Even employers see me as being worthless they don't even contact me with even a refusal.  I am blamed along with the rest of the Unemployed/sick/disabled for all the problems. I am truly worthless.

I wonder if its worth even waking up anymore, when I know tomorrow will be like today only worse, with more hatred, more being told I am worthless..

Is there any point anymore,  when they blame you for everything might as well end it then they wont blame you anymore.. and yes I have fantasized about having a button that would eliminate me one push and i would be gone, some days its closer than others..

I really dont see much point anymore.. only my mum and my dog keep me here.

I seem to be angry and depressed

I find myself recently being angry at whats happening to the unemployed/sick/disabled, then once that anger drops i get depressed, there seems to be little enjoyment anymore.. its all about blaming others.

being told we are worthless that its our fault for not finding a job.. and if we tell people what its like they say oh you are closed .. no we have experienced the hell of today. Not you.. It isnt my fault.. its employers not taking a chance... but they always blame the unemployed for not doing enough.. what they do is never enough,.

each rejection, each lie spouted by the DWP each lie vomited by the media, makes you feel worse, until you believe and that belief leads to knowing you are worthless, and since you are worthless why not end it all.. the deepst cynic in me says this is what they want.. they want us dead.. they want us to no long be here wasting the taxes.. easier than making camps let them kill themselves..

Tuesday 19 November 2013

I wake up

every day i wake up then for 5 minutes i am ok.. then i realise the truth, and i want to go back to bed and sleep the day away.. or sleep for years to avoid all this stuff the tories and labour want to create.. If there was a one way mission to mars or further i would volunteer in a heart beat to get away from this place and the evil people in charge

The Wooden Nora

The government job-seeking website, which has been plagued by spam, scams and spoof vacancies, won the ‘Wooden Nora’ at last week’s National Online Recruitment Awards. 730 online recruitment websites were considered for awards with Universal Jobmatch being judged the worst. According to The Guardian’s Diary the website was described as a “mongrel of a recruitment website” that “commits almost every online recruitment crime, and then some.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Is it insane to sacrifice your life for another?

someone said its insane to sacrifice your life for others, but isnt that what society should be about, rather than the selfishness we have today.. Is the soldier who throws himself on a grenade to save his squad mates insane.. or the fireman who runs into a burning building to save others is he insane..

they ranted about dwp decision makers would i save them.. well by their actions you shall know them.. but how do i know they are a decision maker.. they are still human so is there a conditionality you have to have the entire life history before you can judge a person should live or die?

Why dont some people get it..

Would you dear readers sacrifice your life to save the life of another.. Yes or No.

Would you steal to save the life of another.. Yes or No.

Would you gladfully be in prison if your actions saved one person.. Yes or No.

or would you be selfish and say well i have to obey the law and let them die.. EVEN when you know it is a Unjust and Unfair Law.

We are stuck in the prison of the outside world.. one without hope of parole, we have a life sentence. and are being punished every day and in every way we are losing what rights we have.. We are being stolen from to feed the rich.. wouldnt you steal from the rich to feed the poor? or are you too scared of the rule of law.

Some have said might as well mug a little old lady.. No.. first that would be stealing from someone who is poor maybe poorer than you.. second stealing from mega corporations who pay no taxes, who throw out millions of tonnes of food each year.. those who make a profit from the misery of the poorest.. they can surely survive.

Stealing should ONLY be done under dire circumstances.... and never for personal gain..

Am tired

I feel so tired, so many idiots, even some of those who are supposed to be on our side..

A person said they would not steal to save the life of their kids.. I dont have children but i could never see a child starve.  What kind of humanity is it when a person doesnt want to break the LAW in order to do something right.. I shall tell you  they are sheep.. then they go around and say its our fault.

Which would you choose the prison of the outside world, where you know you will starve become homeless, or prison where you have a bed, and food and stability.. I know which i would choose. And since i live in my head at the best of times it wouldnt bother me so much in prison..

Sometimes you have to break the law to do the right thing.. We are unemployable, the employers dont want us now..

  • People say that stealing is immoral; it it more immoral than to stand idle and watch someone starve and potentially die because you refuse to steal? The point of the matter is that if you do not steal, the person will starve. There is no other means of obtaining the food. As an individual, the choice is forced in your hands, you can steal to help, or lay idle to watch the person starve. Refuse to steal and know that it was because of YOU, that the person is still starving.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Great Work DWP

Great Work DWP.. Councillor Lisa Mulherin, warning that the number of hospital admissions: “tells us something about the changes to the welfare system, wage stagnation and the way fuel prices have gone up out of all proportion with people’s pay.”

New Law

Godwin’s law 2.0

The longer a society denies it’s policies are approaching fascism the more likely it is that they are already

Thursday 14 November 2013

Godfrey Bloom#s Electoral Reform

How can we arrest this economic and moral decline with an electoral system which gives a vote to anybody and everybody, who happens to be over eighteen years old. The system must reform, we need a complete reappraisal to reflect, as we did in the 1840s, more electoral power for those who create the revenue so disappointingly squandered by a bloated administration.

Is the system fair when a shop keeper pays rates on his house and his business, not to mention a heavy VAT and Income Tax bill and gets one vote. Some of his nieghbours have contributed nothing to the national exchequer at all and maybe never will, they get one vote.

I do not expect to vote in a Unite ballot because I am not a member and pay no dues. I do not expect a vote at Marks and Spencer's AGM because I am not a shareholder. We need to get to a system where the interest of the individual and the state are more compatible. Enlightened self interest in the Adam Smith style. We need to do this now before society and the economy collapse. Let us at least start a national debate, they did all those years ago to our mutual benefit. We owe it to the next generation.

Why Not Go the whole way , you are calling the unemployed Morally Deficient, Why not go the whole hog and make the unemployed a sub class of people.. who have no rights and you can do whatever you wish to them.. of course you may need to make a symbol for them to wear.. to make these Morally deficient unemployed people stand out..  

There are no words

I HATE the DWP and everyone working there. If they are involved in this in anyway then They are nothing but BULLIES,  and are EVIL. they are breaking people, How many people will be murdered by them?

and it will be murder driving people to suicide is still murder.. When will this government and the DWP be held accountable. There may be some decent people in the DWP. but they have to do the right thing. Or they are just as guilty of murder as if they put a gun against their head and pulled the trigger. Read this comment and RAGE.

And they wonder why violence against DWP staff is rising, and I for one will not help save any DWP staff member.  The DWP is evil.. it is pure evil...

Social Mobility

On channel 4 Fact Check they asked  

FactCheck: has social mobility collapsed

My answer is this

The punishing those considered lower class, (including the unemployed, the sick and disabled) has caused people from that group to feel marginalised, they are typically going for dead end jobs that pay just the minimum, that is if they can get out of the unemployment trap. the trap is because employers dont want to hire people they consider to be "workshy" as has been told so many times by the state and press.. So if you are of the lowest level what chance do you really have, when the state run DWP is against you and they are forcing people to go for the lowest jobs if not the free jobs how will that help social mobility. When you work for nothing except your benefits how will that help you .. and before people say it is experience, i know people with years and decades of experience in finance, building, they are stacking shelves for free HOW will that help them get back into their fields.. It wont.. So social mobility is gone if it ever existed as the rich always want a class of people to look down upon. As the two ronnies and John Cleese sketch said and nothing has changed and wont when those in power have all the power.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Two minds

Part of me wants to avoid ALL conversation, any new about the job centres and DWP and the work Programme.. BUT part of me thinks this typhoon aftermath is a good week to hide what the government is doing to others.

Am I paranoid.. I KNOW they are out to get me.. I avoid the outside world for this reason, i am going out less and less havent left the house for 3 months because i feel threatened by whats happening. At least in the house I am safe, Out there it isnt safe. What with all the state run bullies. Is it paranoia when you are told you arent good enough, that whatever you do it isnt good enough. AND these ARE the people who are supposed to help you get a job...

I used to be somewhat strong.. but they have broken me, I am a broke man.. I fear I will never be repaired.. but this is what the state wants an entire class of broken people people they can force to do anything, people with no self respect as they have been told and bullied for years.. so they will become a sub class of people Not entitled to any help.

If you see and read some of the articles in the news papers, some of the comments, you will see comments like if they havent contributed they should get nothing, no health care no legal rights. Some have even said If you dont sign up to vote you shouldnt receive any  benefits this was said by an MP.. So this if they have their way will create a class of people who have no health, no hope, no future and anything can be done to them.

I am afraid of the future, and i am getting to the point where i dont want to live in  the future.. labour and tories are all competing for a race to the bottom.. Labours plans in all this is to be tougher than  the tories.. even now more people are getting sick, what will happen when labour tightens the screws... I predict suicide rates will increase.. of course that could be what they want to get rid of the "mouth breathers".. the future isnt a place i want to be in anymore

Can people not see the connection

Benefit Sanction Rate Doubles For Sick and Disabled Claimants

 over half a million claims have been sanctioned between November 2012 and June 2013.

Shocking 50% Rise In Assaults on DWP Staff In Just One Year

Tuesday 12 November 2013

My day

I generally wake at 7 am everyday.. there is that heavenly 5 minutes before the reality of the unemployed world comes crashing down.. afterward that 5 minutes i just want to roll over and sleep the day away..

I get up have my coffee.. watch the bbc news, there the stories are all about obesity and unemployment, I turn over at 8, because i know whats coming, saints and scroungers.. the Propaganda of the government into hating the unemployed. this makes me shut down even more, any good i see immediately stops when i see/hear that show.  It is worse when the dwp claim millions have got jobs, when we all know they are fiddling the figures.. this reinforces the idea that those that havent got a job well its due to a moral failing on them..Lies, damn Lies, Statistics, government statistics.

The fact that even labour once the champion of the oppressed has become the same as the tories if not worse as their "solution" to unemployment is to do even worse than the tories. Who are the unemployed to turn too to defend the national hatred of the unemployed we have no one, Not many people care to speak out, even those of us who has suffered from the dwp rarely want to speak out incase they are bullied, punished.  Who can we trust not the government, think tanks some of them are just mouth pieces of the state to justify their unconscionable policies.

I doubt there will be a revolution, because the people who can speak out are being frightened into remaining silent.  Fear is in every unemployed persons heart and mind, we feel the Job centre staff are the enemy, they are out there to trick you to bully you.  We have all seen and known stories showing this to be true.

Is it paranoia when you know they are out to get you, they are out to punish you., Is it paranoia when the entire state run media demonise people for being unemployed.. time and again we hear benefits cheats, over and over.. but the true figures are less than errors Made by the DWP. They blame the unemployed/sick for the benefits bill, when the majority is pensions.. but this doesnt fit in with government hate campaign against the unemployed.

the Numbers dont add up

Just a quick question, You are to sign up for 2 job agencies a week, Now how many job agencies are where you live, Around me we have Reed, Adecco, Primetime, GPW, Plus a few smaller ones, so say 10 agencies, so in 5 weeks you will have signed up for all of them.. after 6 weeks you cant sign to any more.. as they dont exist.. Phoning 8 companies a week, How many companies are in your area in your field if you are specialised, hand delivering 8 CV's are these to the same 8 you phoned? If they are to call you twice a week, and you are out handing out CV's is that a sanction time? 

Are you supposed to sit there with the phone in front of you, Not go to the bathroom, or to the shops for food or your money? Its getting scarier out there I do not know how much people can take. Yet no one seems to care

 In addition, How many other people will be sending CV's phoning, dropping in with CV's. How much time will it cost companies to answer the phone and deal with the CV's before they start to Bin them immediately. 

Say there are 10,000 people looking for work on the new regime, and they each do 8 companies a week, thats 80,000 companies, 80,000 phone calls a week to the entire town. 80,000 CV's I doubt there are 80,000 in a town/area so these companies will be inundated with them (this isnt counting those from other areas, those wanting a job and are in a job or those applying for two part time jobs).

Brown envelopes and phobia

Whenever i get or see a Brown Envelope I start to Feel physically sick, my heart starts to race, i feel lightheaded, theres a sharp sick feeling in my hands start to shake, i feel as if i cant breathe.

Someone asked Can you develop a phobia about Brown envelopes, yes but a phobia is a Irrational fear, what if its a rational fear.. a fear of punishment?

Soft/hard outcomes Jobseeking

 I would say the Soft outcomes can be seen to be biased.. Who was asked and by who.. If its for example A4e asking you wouldnt say anything to contradict them on pain of sanction for not "engaging"  Anyone who has been on any of these so called training schemes get demotivated, You are constantly told it is your fault  Being told this constantly and even if you do everything you can possibly do to get a job they say it isnt good enough effectively saying YOU arent good enough.

Forget location, areas of deprivation, Forget areas that have no industry, Forget the recession, You are blamed in the press and by the very state that should be there to protect people, The organisations running these schemes dont see the difference between London and Liverpool.I personally believe that these schemes IF run right can help, but due to maladministration then being held to no account.  For example In my local a4e they said you can apply for this job.. and when i checked (since i cant drive) it would have taken me two hours to get there, but the adviser said but i can drive there easily.. they didnt understand the local transportation problems so started to force people into places that would cost a lot to get too in time and cost.. 

The other part is Getting people off benefits.. That can be read as getting them a job or getting them off benefits by sanctions.  This fear which 90% of all JSA people have isnt helping confidence of people so in essence the sanctions are making people worse We try our best We want to work, yet no matter what the unemployed do its not good enough..This is all Stick no carrot..I am afraid like the proverbs says If you beat a dog with a stick often enough it will fight back.. One of my friends was actually sanctioned for not looking in the local papers..she was actually waiting for a jobs rota as she has a full time job.. So she was punished for having a job  This story amongst others shows that it isnt about helping people into work but a way of punishing people for the "crime" of being unemployed.

But having experienced New deal, Flexible New deal, and Now the Work Programme and each time being let down by them, I have become somewhat of an expert in the schemes. Each time i go in with some confidence, then each time they fail me my confidence plummets, until this after the work programme scheme when it destroyed everything on top of other things like losing my brother in 2009.  

IF these schemes where run with compassion and knowledge of personal circumstances then yes they would work, however they are not, its a blame game for them.  Under the black box approach they could have used compassion but afraid compassion costs and they dont want to spend any money.  The answer I feel is LOCAL run schemes by LOCALS. The ones who know the transport situation, the local job market this would help with the confidence the unemployed have people who KNOW the situation rather than people just DO this or ELSE. But this rarely happens as national and international companies run them, people are just numbers just tick boxes.

Brown Envelope of Doom

I was just starting to feel slightly ok, then the letter and the crashing the feeling of persecution begins again.

I find it hard to see the point of it all now, I wake up and think for 5 minutes the world is going to be ok.. then i realise and i think i want to go back to bed and sleep the day away.

day after day the world is getting worse, the dwp persecuting people over and over. telling them we are worthless, whatever we do we are to blame..I dont see much point in it all.

I know what would help me.  I know right down to the pennie what will help me.. Enough money so that the job centre and DWP will leave me alone.

but i am according to them to blame for everything,

Tuesday 13 August 2013

jsa to esa?

Well today has been busy, since getting the sick note saying i am not fit for work for at least a month I had to claim for ESA, because i am not fit for work.. So i tried last night but no one was answering  so today i applied it was slow and instrusive applying, so i did it  got it sorted.

Then i phoned the adviser and told her that she really upset me the statement she kept making about me being paid by the taxpayer something we all know combined with the terms languishing on the dole. that you cant just sit on the dole.

Made me feel even more worthless than usual, the fact she dismissed any voluntary work as not important as it wasnt PAID work made me feel as if my life wasnt worth anything and when i tried to get experience in a voluntary role it was dismissed (how a volunteer job is worse than a work placement i  dont know)

Now I tend to get in touch with my MP by letter because some clients would get very angry i know i did but i got more upset.

I now wonder will she be able to claim a success for this post work programme as i am no longer on JSA

Monday 12 August 2013

OK today

I went in to see my adviser, and she was very nasty in a nice way.. she kept stressing that universal jobs match should be opened to let the adviser see,  I quoted the universal jobsmatch toolkit at her and she backed down.. I said i do not want to share my cv with people i always upload and download a cv to the sites she said well thats limiting your job search..

so she gave me 2 taskes to do spec emails to 4 places in a week, and to upload my cv to a jobsite..

what was most telling was she said voluntary work isnt counted, and she said several times well you are getting paid by the tax payer.. essentially trying to guilt me into thinking I am a scrounger.

Now I got so upset there she phoned the work place psychologist for an appointment for me, then suggested I speak to my doctor, which I did. I broke down there and started crying and told him that this adviser told me to get my hair and beard cut if I wanted a reception job but I was casual no point in shaving unless theres an interview it was also raining and windy so some wind swept hair..I explained to my doctor what went on and he was shocked he said it looks like depression to him so gave me a sick note for a month and some fluoxetine and he arranged a counselling session to be arranged later. I didnt ask for a sick note but got one.

Sunday 11 August 2013

Jobseeking is a Job in itself can i have holidays

Mark Hoban is reported on saying that if you want a job you should treat job searching as a job 40 hours a week. OK there are problems with this how many companies can you really apply for in 40 hours before you start repeating the "gissajob".

It isnt your fault you cant get a job you can have all the qualification/skills in the world and they mean ABSOLUTELY nothing if employers dont want to hire people.  

If he is saying looking for a job is a job in itself what about training since you arent available for job search job because you are trying to enhance your opportunities then could you be sanctioned for that. If he wants to consider it a "job" does that mean we get days off.

Zero hour and self employed catalogue deliverers they rely on insecurity It wouldnt be so bad if you had a partner who was working full time, but when you have just one wage earner who doesnt know  if tomorrow he/she can afford to eat then how is that going to help people.

The fact you can do everything right apply for 10-15 jobs a week, read all the local papers, phone agencies, yet if you miss ONE thing you could have a doubt put on you. It is as if that anything else you do they are going to find an excuse to find something wrong.  Seen people sanctioned for an adviser not putting down on the system they have been seen this is why I ALWAYS get my adviser to sign my job search print list..

Took mine in on friday with copies of ALL my emails and she was shocked and said that is a LOT of jobs I do it because it sounds bad but I dont trust them

Friday 9 August 2013

you pay them a job

catalogue distributors-work from home

Job description

vacancies through out the UK and ROI- Apply via website 
Immediate start available.
Deliver and collect catalogues in your area.
Deliver orders to customers.
Flexible hours to fit around commitments.
Own your business so work when you want and where you want.
Free ongoing support and training.
Access to internet and car essential.
(however if you are prepared to work really hard then you may apply even if you do not have a car)
This is a full time/part time business opportunity  for people in the Uk and ROI.
For more information visit: 
This advertisement is for Kleeneze, a member of the DSA.
Small start up cost applies for catalogues.
Success kit 1: £45 x 3 installments.(250 main catalogues)
Success kit 2: £25 x 3 installments.(250 Thinner catalogues)
Break free starter kit: (10 main catalogues)

Thursday 8 August 2013

Group information session

ok after processing what was said.. they said i have to do 1-3 things a week to prove i am job seeking.. if i am able to do a job ishould be able to jobsearch for 40 hours a week.  For the first month i have to go there 2 or 3 times a week,  then once a week after. they will create 3 tasks.. and one or 3 of those is mandatory you HAVE to do it, regardless

They stated 3 times sanctions and they are not there to trick people three times.. which means they are

Now they mentioned sector based academies, 6 - 8 weeks of free working potential qualifications, in these fields    FLT, care taxi driving, HGV coach, call centre to work in a hotel.  They have 48 hours notice to place their clients so it could be anyone in the merseyside area and its jsut chance and speed if a person gets on it.

The sector based academies are in liverpool, bootle, speke, and trs widnes. Where you will be forced to attend,

Now this woman let slip that all signing will be done electronically  via the Universal credit site/jobsmatch when its connected up.  Does this mean that people will have no choice BUT to use UJM to sign on? then there is mandatory work experience but thats purely voluntary..??

Monday 5 August 2013

This is the form that was sent today

DWP Bullies

The work programme failed me again, 3rd time they failed, now this the pushing harder it feels like being bullied in school again, THEY failed me I didn't fail them, yet they blame ME for their lack of action an effort. I feel upset and guilty I am 40 years old and I feel like I am at school and been bullied again.

How is this going to help me get a job? Am close to my breaking point. I do everything right I follow the rules to the letter, yet its never enough for them

Saturday 3 August 2013

Ordering a Pizza coming to a government near you

Operator: "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your..."

Customer: "Hi, I'd like to order."

Operator: "May I have your NIDN first, sir?"

Customer: "My National ID Number, yeah, hold on, eh, it's 6102049998-45-54610."

Operator: "Thank you, Mr. Sheehan. I see you live at 42 Meadow Drive, and the phone number is 01234 56789. Your office number over at Lincoln Insurance is 01324 098765 and your mobile number is 07987 777878 .

Which number are you calling from, sir?"

Customer: "Huh? I'm at home. Where did you get all this information?"

Operator: "We're wired into the system, sir."

Customer: (Sighs) "Oh, well, I'd like to order a couple of your All-Meat Special pizzas..."

Operator: "I don't think that's a good idea, sir."

Customer: "How come?"

Operator: "Sir, your medical records indicate that you've got very high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol. The NHS won't allow such an unhealthy choice."

Customer: "Damn. What do you recommend, then?"

Operator: "You might try our low-fat soya bean Yoghurt Pizza. I'm sure you'll like it."

Customer: "What makes you think I'd like something like that?"

Operator: "Well, you checked out 'Gourmet Soyabean Recipes' from your local library last week, sir. That's why I made the suggestion."

Customer: "All right, all right. Give me two family-sized ones, then. What's the damage?"

Operator: "That should be plenty for you, your wife and your four kids, sir. The 'damage,' as you put it, heh, heh, comes to £16.99."

Customer: "Let me give you my credit card number."

Operator: "I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid you'll have to pay in cash. Your credit card balance is over its limit."

Customer: "I'll run over to the ATM and get some cash before your driver gets here."

Operator: "That won't work either, sir. Your current account's overdrawn."

Customer: "Never mind. Just send the pizzas. I'll have the cash ready. How long will it take?

Operator: "We're running a little behind, sir. It'll be about 45 minutes, sir. If you're in a hurry you might want to pick 'em up while you're out getting the cash, but carrying pizzas on a motorcycle can be a little awkward."

Customer: "How the heck do you know I'm riding a bike?"

Operator: "It says here you're in arrears on your car payments, so your car got repossessed. But your Vespa is paid up, so I just assumed that you'd be using that."

Customer: "235/427/31"

Operator: "I'd advise watching your language, sir. You've already got a July 2006 conviction for swearing at a policeman."

Customer: (Speechless)

Operator: "Will there be anything else, sir?"

Customer: "No, nothing. Oh, yeah, don't forget the two free litres of Coke your ad says I get with the pizzas."

Operator: "I'm sorry sir, but our ad's exclusionary clause prevents us from offering free soft drinks to diabetics. ®

Friday 26 July 2013

the Big bad wolf and the 3 little pigs

Once upon  a time there were 3 little pigs and being of an
unscrupulous mind, they decided to build and rent out substandard

Now the first little pig decided to build his house of straw as he had
a contact in the farming  industry, and he would let him have some
straw cheap.   So the first pig built this house and advertised it as
a "Charming Rustic Thatched Cottage".  But when the first applicants,
who were first time buyers, signed the mortgage and rent agreement
before seeing this property.

When these new home owners saw that it was just made of straw, they
immediately went to the Planning department to complain about the
house, and saw a very nice  person there named B  B Wolf.

Who went to visit and saw the substandard building materials,  put an
injunction to stop the first pig plc from ever building again and B B
Wolf condemned the property and it was demolished

The first little pig, then being annoyed went to his brother the
second little pig who also had a construction company and got a job
with him  Second Little Pig plc.

He also had contacts but  this time in the forestry industry who sold
the Second little pig some protected trees and so build some out of
wood.  He too had a sideline in providing mortgages.

The second little pig , after advertising the properties as a totally
Green House, ecologically friendly put up the price of this property.
So he could sell it to some pretentious Yuppies.  And lo and behold it
sold along with others not yet built.  .   After deciding that it
wasn't worth building anymore, he then sold more houses in a time
share scam and when the "Green" house developed woodworm the new
owners tried to take the second little pig  to Court citing     unsafe
building.  Unfortunately, the Judge was a friend of the pigs and
accepted a backhander from them to throw the case out.   One again B B
Wolf the Building Inspector condemned the house and banned Second
Little Pig from ever being a director of any company again.

Now the Third little pig was annoyed at the B B Wolf an the problems
that his 2 younger brothers were in.  Decided to take revenge and
asked for Planning Permission and a Review of Building Practices,from
B  B wolf.   They had hidden the fact it was the 2 little pigs by
setting up a holding company in the Isle of Mann called TLP Ltd.  So B
 B Wolf arrived to inspect the new premises.  He was shown the
building including the basement which was just   getting poured with
concrete.  As the Wolf went down the steps the first and second little
pig tripped him up and sent him down into the new concrete basement
and filled it in while B  B Wolf was alive.

And that was the end of the Big Bad Wolf.

And the TLP (the three little pigs) Limited made a fortune selling bad homes

The day the world changed

Chapter 1

For the first time that day, George went to the alcove and inputted his personal id number, then inserted his id card, then had to submit to the usual retina and dna scan. It was a routine now 4 times a day he would go and get scanned to prove that they werent a burden to the state. Each time the laser ran over his eye George shuddered, thinking how the world has changed in so short a time. Once again he passed his burden test, but this time it seemed to take longer which was odd since they were all controlled by the central register. As he sat waiting for the data to be read out, he thought why would they be slow accessing. He smiled as his data was read out he had passed the daily task list, one more day alive, but the cynical part of him said hang on, if something good happened now, that means something bad would happen later. As usual his cynical outlook was prooved to be correct.

“George number 876, 213 B. your work quota has been increased, you will be transferred to the central register, for reprocessing. All hail the state, they who feed you, clothe you, protect you. You will report for processing tomorrow at 11 am.”

The fear on Georges eye, was pleasurable to the guard, a petty little sadist, who enjoyed seeing the fear and hate in their eyes. She was young had only just joined the state guardians, but already she loved the brutality of it. Her name was josephine but to her co workers she was Jo, she didn’t have any friends, but she didn’t want any brutality was her lover, she had dallied with a few other lady guards, but nothing came of them.

Jo noticed him sitting there in numb terror, and wondered who he was, then decided he wasn’t worth the thought, who cares who he was, he was a man, and a B worker, someone who did all the worst kind of jobs, she then had a thought I will have some fun with him. So after George had sat there for 5 minutes as required by law Jo removed her nite stick and ran the stick over his neck, loving the sight, of his cringing at the touch of the hard black metal on his throat, this was why she loved her job,making men suffer it was almost as good as sex, but almost. She ran the stick over his throat pushing it harder and harder so he couldn’t breathe, and stilll he didn’t move, this wasn’t right he should be pleading with her to stop, and she knew that she wouldn’t.

George sat there feeling the stick slide across his throat, but he used one of his tricks something that not even the register knew about, it was his secret weapon, he could go away, pull his conciousness inwards until he became an observer in his own body to the degradation that he had to endure since the State had taken control over all of their lives. He knew she couldn’t keep him here for more than 15 minutes before being called to account so all he had to do was wait and he will be free, at least till the next time he had to get scanned. Jo decided to increase the force damn she thought he isnt doing it, he should be crying in pain. Jo moved the stick lower down his fat greasy body, deciding that as a man the pain of the stick being pushed into his groin would make anyman scream in pain, she was anticipating the near sexual thrill she got from punishing men for being men. She was totally caught up in the feeling of power that she never noticed the light blinking on the panel stating the next person was waiting, 15 minutes, 16 minutes, 17, the light flashed faster. Then with a feeling of terror Jo realised oh no I am late , I should have gotten rid of him 4 minutes ago, she will be punished for this. This MAN this lesser being he caused her to be a burden on the state.. “ go on George 876213B, go and don’t be a burden to the state” she shouted but her heart wasn’t in it.

George walked out of the cubicle with relief, he had made it, she was the worst guard yet, it seemed that most of the guards were women nowadays, and their brutality was increasing, it was not unknown for these amazonian nazi’s to even beat people up, it was even known that they would kill. As George walked down the corridor he noticed the head guard Adrian Lancaine, someone he had known in the life before the State or B.S. as it was known, come racing down the corridor looking furious, George couldn’t help but smile, yes someone is in trouble.. as the head guard entered the room he saw Jo who was his best guard sitting on the chair with her head in her hands, and knew that she had once again let her emotions cloud her duty to the state, but this time he couldn’t hide the evidence. “Whats happening?” george stormed at her, “have you lost what sense u were born with, or are you trying to kill me? Come on ANSWER me.” jo looked shocked at this outburst, she was his golden girl, the best at control “ it wasn’t my fault, he ..he kept looking at me, please don’t report me” jo whimpered , feeling shame at how she had to become subservient to a mere man. Adrian looked at her and saw something had changed in here, gone was her superior attitude, and a vulnerability had replaced it, and knew she would not be a guard again and shook his head. Jo saw this and shuddered oh god I am going to be a burden to the state, all because of that MAN, that fat slob of a man, a man who deserved to die, not for being a burden but for being a MAN. While these thoughts were going through jo’s mind, Adrian saw a different light enter her eyes, and he became scared, she had lost her mind.

Adrian checked the system register for who could have caused this change, it was odd george wasn’t the kind of person to do this, but then again Adrian realised there were things in his record that didn’t make sense, and he wondered who’s idea was it for a computer controlled register, computers don’t think they don’t reason, facts are facts.. George was a inoffensive person, as far as Adrian could see, but then recalled his face “I know him” he cried, “he was always a weird person, a thinker an enemy of the state for that alone”

Jo looked up at those words, and asked Adrian “you knew him? How, Why, Where?”, Adrian answered unconciously as he went back over his past, “ oh I saw him around, he had a sort of confidence about him, as if he wasn’t supposed to be here, he was just different, I hated him the moment I saw him, he could have been so much more than a “burden the the state”” Adrian said with deep sarcasm” but at least now he wont be, so what were you doing to him, Jo, not torturing him were you, you remember what happened to michael 765, 908 C, and the trouble I had covering that up.” Jo remembered the feeling of blood on here hands the feel of it, it was glorious, but all she did was nod.

Adrian thought what can I do with her, she alienates all the other guards, she hates all men, if I was of a nasty mind I would send her to work in the pregnancy camps, that would change her, being forced to have multiple babies, but then remembering a conversation with the head of the security services, about a new core group of expendable, stone cold killers who would be sent out to eliminate enemies of the state, and thought that’s an idea, it’s a promotion, and she would owe me big time, and still get her out from my group..yes I will have a word, “ ok Jo, go home, and wait, we shall see what happens,” Adrian loved this little terror he could inflict on people. Jo looked up in fear, was I a burden, please no, and for the first time in 5 years she prayed, I don’t want to be sent to the baby farm, to have all those sweaty men on me, the thought nearly made her throw up, but this was the fate of women who where burdens to the state, and part of her agreed women who were a burden should repay the state by having children, but it was she realised a different thing when it was her. Jo went home to her house, and sat there contemplating her future, she knew that a few traitors had made a home in the vaults but she rebelled at the thought of them of sharing their lives and losing her power to terrorise.

Chapter 2

george walked to the factory, his job for the next 4 hours, 4 hours of work, then another scan , then 4 more hours, 16 hours work today, then sleep, then a meeting in central control, he hoped they hadnt found his secret stash of subversive books, “subversive” he muttered, then realising he had said it out loud, looked round incase the watchers had noticed, luckily they hadnt and sighed in relief, thought police, sadistic security guards, and he went back to his subversive books, it was mad, in 5 short years, 99% of all books where locked up, or burnt at that thought george felt something like sorrow, all that lost knowledge, all the good it could have done. But its gotten so people cant think, thinking back over the incident with the guard, it seemed to him that more sadists where coming out, it was terrifying, they must have only been 17 when the first words were uttered, he still remembered them, “Don’t be a burden to the state, work for the state, live happy for the state” it made him sick, but it’s the world he lives in now, you had to be a profitable member of society, your costs must never outweigh what you earn, george smiled grimly, at least the credit card people were out of business, they never expected what happened. It was the first year after the State came into effect they had slowly taken power, bringing the rich and powerful over to their side, why should the rich pay for the burdens that the lesser people put on us, you will be the uber class, the leaders of the new State. And they were fools to believe them, but then the rich were always known to be fools.

The credit card companies, followed the party line, we will help the defaulters onloans, we will put them to work, and get your money back, al we need is some capital we have all these rich people on our side, we just need you, what a crock it was, 6 months later all the credit card companies were abolished, the executives sent to work in the camps, all assets, confiscated for the State. That was clever, get them to pay for their own destruction. Then confiscate the property, george had to admire that piece of theft. Then came the gradual, curtailing of rights, the introducing of id cards, then retina scans, dna scans, until there was nothing you could do without proof of your identity, then the addition of making people work for the good of the state. You had to show that you could provide a service to be allowed to live and love. George was miles away and he nearly walked past his employment, hah employment, all he did everyday was check the standard of certain items, then someone checked my work, and so on, for as soon as you discovered that you were a burden, you would vanish.

It was clever george had to admit, but it was a grudging admiration, so another 4 hours of work, then yet another meeting, you cant have people doing work or getting someone who is on a break to substitute for you, spot checks of identity, this is a wonderful new world, at least the rich are no longer around, another group of people, sent to the camps, and as usual all property confiscated, the state was THE richest group around, and the most powerful. Everything was now focused on the good of the state, if you were a woman you would be sent to the baby farms, breeding the next generation of mindless drones, followers of the state, men were not sent to the baby farms only the uber classes could have kids and often. George remembered one of his friends suddenly disappearing in the middle of the night and anyone who spoke up they vanished as well. George found a way to work and yet go back into his own past, he did this every time at work it was the best way to cope.

Tom Thumb Updated

There was once a poor peasant, and his wife, who was sat in front of the fire, the poor peasant hatched an idea, we shall have a child, and live off the money the government gives us, and not give the child anything much to eat. The wife hearing this agreed, and said, "Yes, even if we had only one, and it were quite small, and only as big as a thumb, I should be quite satisfied, and we could get more money for a disabled child of tiny size."

Now it so happened that the woman fell ill, and after seven months gave birth to a child, that was perfect for their purposes, but no longer than a thumb. Then said they, "It is as we wished it to be, and it shall be our dear child." Rubbing their greedy little hands together And because of its size, they called it Tom Thumb. Making fun of it, the child did not grow taller, but remained as it had been at the first for the parents didn’t feed it enough, just enough so that the child services would be satisfied. The parents of the midget Tom, claimed for everything they could for themselves, but even this wasn’t enough.

One day the peasant was getting ready to go into the forest to cut wood, when he said as if to himself, "How I wish that there was someone who would bring the cart to me." Waiting for Tom to offer to work for his dad, and so have cheap labour as well as all the funding the government gave them.

"Oh father," cried Tom Thumb, "I will soon bring the cart, rely on that. It shall be in the forest at the appointed time." But tom had an ulterior motive, he could, being as small as he was, become a house thief, but tom had to bide his time, and let all the other people in the area know this “kind” lad of short stature.

Then while tom was working out how to best steal the coins of the village, he came across 2 men who ran a circus, and tom thought of a good idea, I will get my father to sell me to these two men, that way I can get some money, and I wont be noticed. Now knowing these two men, was around, tom made an awfully loud noise, and got these 2 men interested, and the came to the father then one of them took the other aside and said, "Listen, the little fellow would make our fortune if we exhibited him in a large town, for money. We will buy him." They went to the peasant and said, "Sell us the little man. He shall be well treated with us"

"No," replied the father, "he is the apple of my eye, and all the money in the world cannot buy him from me." Using this as a ploy to get even more money from them.

Tom Thumb, however, when he heard of the bargain, had crept up the folds of his father's coat, placed himself on his shoulder, and whispered in his ear, "Father do give me away, I will soon come back again." Then the father parted with him to the two men for a handsome sum of money. And tom made him promise to give tom his share..

After a while, tom had had enough of this, and so said he needed to rest, and the 2 gentlemen decided it was getting late, decided to rest too, and when the 2 men fell asleep, he crept about a little between the sods, and then he suddenly slipped into a mousehole which he had sought out. "Good evening, gentlemen, just go home without me," he cried to them, and mocked them. They ran thither and stuck their sticks into the mousehole, but it was all in vain. Tom Thumb crept still farther in, and as it soon became quite dark, they were forced to go home with their vexation and their empty purses. Tom was happy at this so he fell asleep hugging himself tightly,

Not long afterwards, when he was just going to sleep, he heard two men go by, and one of them was saying, "How shall we set about getting hold of the rich pastor's silver and gold?"
"I could tell you that," cried Tom Thumb, interrupting them.
"What was that?" said one of the thieves in fright, "I heard someone speaking."
They stood still listening, and Tom Thumb spoke again, and said, "Take me with you, and I'll help you."
"But where are you?"
"Just look on the ground, and observe from whence my voice comes," he replied.
There the thieves at length found him, and lifted him up. "You little imp, how will you help us?" they said.
"Listen," said he, "I will creep into the pastor's room through the iron bars, and will reach out to you whatever you want to have."

So Tom got a chance now to steal from the pastor, and to get away with it, so tom crept into the pastors house, and went to the safe, and started to remove the coins, and put them in a safe mousehole, for he had come up with that idea.. after a while, he decided he had got most of the money, but he now needed some scapegoats, so he managed to open the door, by climbing into the lock, and pushing the levers till it opened. And let in the 2 theives.. as soon as tom led them to the safe, he made a very loud noise, and woke up the pastor, who reached out and grabbed his gun, making sure the choirboy was still asleep. Crept down and saw the 2 theives, and shot them dead. And tom after hearing the pastor ran down the mouse hole with all the money, hugged himself an thought once again I have gotten away with it and murder too..

Now tom had a bit of a problem, how to get back home, but he came across the idea, I know, I will find someone to carry me, off back home, so he waited till he found the right person, which was the maid an innocent young woman, who was very religious, so tom made a cross and tied himself on it and replaced her own crucifix, and pretended to be the voice of god, and persuaded this poor woman, to take the loaf, and a big sack, out of the house, and away to the peasants cottage.. so after a day of travelling, he reached the cottage, which now had an extension, and a large SUV in front of it, so tom got the woman to drop the sack, and he climbed from the crucifix, and the maid then went to a nunnery, after the religious experience.

Tom Crept into the house, using his housebreaking skills, and discovered that they didn’t really care for him, and this got his anger up, and he decided they should be dealt with.. and so tom called child services and with the help of a good crooked lawyer, divorced his parents of grounds of child endangerment, slave trading, and fraud. And got his parents arrested, and tom lived in the house, all alone with a lot of money. But being the wastrel theif he was he spent most of his money on prostitutes, and drink, and to pay for it, he had to carry on being “sold” and breaking into houses until a special task force was set up in the area, who set up a sting,. Then they arrested tom, and charged him with 24 counts of breaking and entering, fraud, and sent him to prison, for a very long time. In the same cell block as his father, and they killed each other. Stone dead.

The end..

Little red riding Hood updated

Once upon a time, there was this little girl, who had brainwashed people into believing she was a perfect little girl, and she especially fooled her grandmother who, she was convinced was going to die soon and leave her all her stuff. One day the Grandmother, falling for the old I need this item to be fashionable, bought her a red cap, made of very expensive red velvet, and then from now she was called at least in public little red riding hood. One day her mother said to her, "Come, Little Red Riding Hood, here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to your grandmother, she is ill and weak, and they will do her good. Set out before it gets hot, and when you are going, walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the path, or you may fall and break the bottle, and then your grandmother will get nothing. And when you go into her room, don't forget to say, good-morning, and don't peep into every corner before you do it." I will take great care, said Little Red Riding Hood to her mother, and gave her hand on it. And promptly broke her word, as young as she was she liked to party, and a free bottle of wine, well, she wasn’t going to let that go to waste with her old soon to be dead grandmother..

As red was walking through the forest, she had an idea, I know since she lives so far into the woods, I can probably help her along, and she opened the bottle of wine and celebrated, remembering to “smash” the bottle after it was drunk. So red detoured to a pet shop, and bought a wolf, and took it with her, tormenting it, and hitting it with a stick to get it all angry and murderous. Towards all humans, so as red wandered, towards the grandmothers, she worked out her plans.. she planned to put the wolf into the house and let it eat poor grandma all up, but then she realised since there were big strapping woodcutters near her grans house, they could possibly save her..

As red got closer she heard the woodcutters, and sneaked by them, then red tied the wolf up, outside the house and hit the animal till it was insane in pain and anger. Then red went to the woodcutters, and show other red stuff that was bought for her by the grandmother, after a while the woodcutters fell asleep, and red could finally get on with getting rich.. so red went back to the house, by which time the wolf was foaming at the mouth, red knocked on the door, and got grandma to open it, as she did so , red ran inside and hit old grandma with an axe she had “borrowed” from the woodcutters, after making sure the grandma was dead, red, went all around the house, seeing what could be stolen, grandma’s jewellery, then finding the grandma’s will, did a little forgery, to make sure all her property came to red, then she pushed the wolf into the house with the semi decapitated women, and waited for the wolf to eat grandma all up.. then after filling himself on grandma, the wolf fell asleep.

Red, thought, hang on, what if someone remembers I bought a wolf, then hatched another plan, and red ran off to the woodcutters, and screamed and not in the same way as she had before, woke all the bug burly woodsmen up, and explained a wolf had killed her grandma. They all ran off to the house, and saw the wolf, asleep, and the woodsmen, went in with their big axes and chopped the poor innocent wolf to bits. Red being the mercenary girl she was, told the woodsmen to try to leave the wolf fur as intact as possible. As she thought a red hat wasn’t the real fashion statement she wanted now, so she got the wolf pelt and managed to get a tailor to make her a wolf skin coat and a fur hat.. now as red was rich, after murdering her grandma, and dressed in fine wolfskin, she wandered round the town, until one day, the local animal wildlife expert saw red in the rare white wolf skin coat, and knew it was from the very rare, white wolf, a nearly extinct species.. and did a little investigating, and discovered red had bought one, from some favours she gave to the animal shop owner.. then he discovered how coincidental it was that she happened to buy a wolf, the same day a wolf killed her grannie.. so the expert, had red arrested for animal cruelty, murder, forgery, and was promptly put in prison for the rest of her life..

The end..

My poems

my love, my life, my heart
where can i start?
by saying How much you mean to me,
by being there next to you
by holding your hand when your ill
by cheering you up when your down,

you are everything thats worthwhile
you are my sun, and stars, my smile
you make it worth waking up
my everything, let us be together
nothing doesnt matter
you are my one and only,
the heart that beats under my skin
beats for you, i live for you.

new poem

if the sight of me offends you,
then i shall pluck out your eyes
if my voice offends you,
then i shall fill your ears with red hot lead
if you tongue offends me,
then i shall rip it out of your mouth

poem 7

time is my enemy
trapped in an eternity
of loneliness and boredom
can anyone rescue me from
this time of nothing

the quiet time has ended
the enemies are at the gate
forcing, pleading begging
to justify their lives
yet to accept would be disaster

no one cares about the lost
we are hidden from the world
in a purgatory forced upon us
we endure, we still live
even if they destroy our souls

yet some of us fight
their pathetic beliefs
of a worthy existence
doing things we hate
the call is out

the enemy tries to call
yet it fails
in their place of loneliness
they cry their words
into the air

they know the truth
these enemies of reality
they say they understand
yet not believe
we know the truth

outdated items and thoughts
born in another age
no on knows the truth
apart from the lost
we carry on for to give in lies ruin

black hearts and black souls
all in a pretty package
yet the blackness remains
in their hearts
to justify themselves

our hearts call for revolution
yet we cant agree
our confidence has gone
we live day to day
without hope


call me Mr safe
call me friend
but they never call me lover
never do they say they want me
I am Mr safe
the loneliest kind of man
always there for you
I care and love too
yet Mr safe is always alone
my heart aches
no one knows

Call me Mr Safe
Calling me friend
They now call me brother
They always want someone else
I am Mr Safe
Tired of asking, tired of refusal
Alone again
Love will never be for me
Mr safe is always alone
My heart is cold
No one cares.

Call me Mr safe
Call me friend
Its not by my choice
That I hear those words
I am Mr Safe
Looking for a reason
To love in this world
Yet seeing no one caring
My heart no longer sings
The loneliness and solitude
No one sees

Call me Mr safe
Please don't call me friend once more
I wish to love again
Yet knowing I never will
I am Mr Safe
Let me be with you
Just once to show my love
But that isn't going to happen
Just to love and live
Yet my life is empty
No one hears

Call me Mr safe
Call me friend once more
If I cant love without you
Then I will wait
I am Mr safe
Till the day I die
I will adore you
Yet feeling my heart
Grow cold and still
I don't want to be alone
No one feels

poem new

the darkness consumes me
my loneliness is everything
I see life and love
yet never touch its beauty
I watch and wait
till the time I know will never come
I embrace the dark
my only lover
the loneliness is eternal

our hearts may beat as one
yet mine is dying
from the loneliness
watching others
living through them
loving through them
yet not being able to touch them
the beauty that fascinates and scares
I now need the loneliness and solitude
yet I hate it
the love I feel is gone
only nothing remains

poem 6

Your eyes glow in my heart
your very touch intoxicates
I feel your life within you
my heart wants to be with you
yet you are unobtainable
the beauty of my heart and eyes
time will wait till we grow old
and our friendship grows
until we find we are the missing one
in our lives and hearts

poem 5

the fire that burns in my heart is my love for thee
there is a hole in my soul where you should be
you face haunts my dreams where it dwells
your voice rings in my ears like the peeling of bells
the very touch of your hand sets my skin on fire

Love is eternal, love is essential, love is
all I want to feel on my lips is your tender kiss
for I shall lose my heart to you when you do
every moment away from you makes my heart ache
but I will take my time as I don't want to make a mistake

the darkness in my soul needs a bright light
you may be in my mind, heart and soul but I need you within my sight
at least once so I can speak all the things that my heart wants to say
if only I could be with you this moment this day
only you can douse the fire in my heart

without you my life seems dull
it has no colour for you are so beautiful
you bring vibrancy into my life when I talk to you
everything glows with my love for you
but only when you are near

say the word and I will be yours
no matter where in the land or shores
I need you my darling, my heart
just tell me when I may start
to worship you and your soul

poem 4

Dreams are the reality of the soul
The dream of my life is to love
When the heart aches that's the absence of love
one day out hearts will beat as one
soon our lives will be lived not alone

sharing, being, loving, holding

my life is empty without you
you make my heart sing and soar
each day I have begun to love you more
your beauty knows no limits or barriers
you are my heart carrier
my life my love my very being is yours

whenever I cry I know you are not near
my love for you is entirely clear
we shall love together in happiness

poem 3

in my life only you inspire me
my love for you is deep within
I celebrate my love for you as you can plainly see
your very presence has my heart in a spin
yet I have never seen your face
That doesn't seem to matter
for I know one day we will meet in that place
the place where I can show that you matter
I love and only want to be near
to my love that I hold so dear
time is killing me
love is spinning me
be mine my love for you are my world, my very being
my beauty of the soul

Poem 2

sitting in the darkness
crying tears that no one sees
making a mask for everyone to see
holding my heart sealed in a box
looking for someone
with the key to the locks
steel cold, heart ice
still crying in the dark
where no one sees

poem 1

Here i sit surrounded by people
feeling lonlier than ever
seeing their lives and loves
watching yet never taking part
it must be destiny to be alone
to never feel the touch of her face
to never feel her warmth..
to see her smile at another
when all i want is to be her lover