Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I seem to be angry and depressed

I find myself recently being angry at whats happening to the unemployed/sick/disabled, then once that anger drops i get depressed, there seems to be little enjoyment anymore.. its all about blaming others.

being told we are worthless that its our fault for not finding a job.. and if we tell people what its like they say oh you are closed .. no we have experienced the hell of today. Not you.. It isnt my fault.. its employers not taking a chance... but they always blame the unemployed for not doing enough.. what they do is never enough,.

each rejection, each lie spouted by the DWP each lie vomited by the media, makes you feel worse, until you believe and that belief leads to knowing you are worthless, and since you are worthless why not end it all.. the deepst cynic in me says this is what they want.. they want us dead.. they want us to no long be here wasting the taxes.. easier than making camps let them kill themselves..

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