Thursday, 14 November 2013

Godfrey Bloom#s Electoral Reform

How can we arrest this economic and moral decline with an electoral system which gives a vote to anybody and everybody, who happens to be over eighteen years old. The system must reform, we need a complete reappraisal to reflect, as we did in the 1840s, more electoral power for those who create the revenue so disappointingly squandered by a bloated administration.

Is the system fair when a shop keeper pays rates on his house and his business, not to mention a heavy VAT and Income Tax bill and gets one vote. Some of his nieghbours have contributed nothing to the national exchequer at all and maybe never will, they get one vote.

I do not expect to vote in a Unite ballot because I am not a member and pay no dues. I do not expect a vote at Marks and Spencer's AGM because I am not a shareholder. We need to get to a system where the interest of the individual and the state are more compatible. Enlightened self interest in the Adam Smith style. We need to do this now before society and the economy collapse. Let us at least start a national debate, they did all those years ago to our mutual benefit. We owe it to the next generation.

Why Not Go the whole way , you are calling the unemployed Morally Deficient, Why not go the whole hog and make the unemployed a sub class of people.. who have no rights and you can do whatever you wish to them.. of course you may need to make a symbol for them to wear.. to make these Morally deficient unemployed people stand out..  

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