Friday 29 November 2013


More and more i feel that the outside world is a danger to me.  I feel a sense of threat building I rarely leave the house now, it is getting to be disturbing to me to step outside my house..

I feel attacked on every side, the DWP/government are out to get me, and the thing is they are..

A phobia is an Irrational fear of something,  But what if there is a rational fear  is that still a phobia?  Is it paranoia when you know the state is out to get you and to blame you for everything?

I am getting more and more scared to even leave the house to deal with people. I do on here and via email as i can have control of it, i can block people and ignore others.. but in the real world the world outside you cannot block people.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

I really am worthless you know

I am unemployed, I am diagnosed as depressed due to being treated like I am Worthless, In the Press i am seen as being worthless. Even employers see me as being worthless they don't even contact me with even a refusal.  I am blamed along with the rest of the Unemployed/sick/disabled for all the problems. I am truly worthless.

I wonder if its worth even waking up anymore, when I know tomorrow will be like today only worse, with more hatred, more being told I am worthless..

Is there any point anymore,  when they blame you for everything might as well end it then they wont blame you anymore.. and yes I have fantasized about having a button that would eliminate me one push and i would be gone, some days its closer than others..

I really dont see much point anymore.. only my mum and my dog keep me here.

I seem to be angry and depressed

I find myself recently being angry at whats happening to the unemployed/sick/disabled, then once that anger drops i get depressed, there seems to be little enjoyment anymore.. its all about blaming others.

being told we are worthless that its our fault for not finding a job.. and if we tell people what its like they say oh you are closed .. no we have experienced the hell of today. Not you.. It isnt my fault.. its employers not taking a chance... but they always blame the unemployed for not doing enough.. what they do is never enough,.

each rejection, each lie spouted by the DWP each lie vomited by the media, makes you feel worse, until you believe and that belief leads to knowing you are worthless, and since you are worthless why not end it all.. the deepst cynic in me says this is what they want.. they want us dead.. they want us to no long be here wasting the taxes.. easier than making camps let them kill themselves..

Tuesday 19 November 2013

I wake up

every day i wake up then for 5 minutes i am ok.. then i realise the truth, and i want to go back to bed and sleep the day away.. or sleep for years to avoid all this stuff the tories and labour want to create.. If there was a one way mission to mars or further i would volunteer in a heart beat to get away from this place and the evil people in charge

The Wooden Nora

The government job-seeking website, which has been plagued by spam, scams and spoof vacancies, won the ‘Wooden Nora’ at last week’s National Online Recruitment Awards. 730 online recruitment websites were considered for awards with Universal Jobmatch being judged the worst. According to The Guardian’s Diary the website was described as a “mongrel of a recruitment website” that “commits almost every online recruitment crime, and then some.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Is it insane to sacrifice your life for another?

someone said its insane to sacrifice your life for others, but isnt that what society should be about, rather than the selfishness we have today.. Is the soldier who throws himself on a grenade to save his squad mates insane.. or the fireman who runs into a burning building to save others is he insane..

they ranted about dwp decision makers would i save them.. well by their actions you shall know them.. but how do i know they are a decision maker.. they are still human so is there a conditionality you have to have the entire life history before you can judge a person should live or die?

Why dont some people get it..

Would you dear readers sacrifice your life to save the life of another.. Yes or No.

Would you steal to save the life of another.. Yes or No.

Would you gladfully be in prison if your actions saved one person.. Yes or No.

or would you be selfish and say well i have to obey the law and let them die.. EVEN when you know it is a Unjust and Unfair Law.

We are stuck in the prison of the outside world.. one without hope of parole, we have a life sentence. and are being punished every day and in every way we are losing what rights we have.. We are being stolen from to feed the rich.. wouldnt you steal from the rich to feed the poor? or are you too scared of the rule of law.

Some have said might as well mug a little old lady.. No.. first that would be stealing from someone who is poor maybe poorer than you.. second stealing from mega corporations who pay no taxes, who throw out millions of tonnes of food each year.. those who make a profit from the misery of the poorest.. they can surely survive.

Stealing should ONLY be done under dire circumstances.... and never for personal gain..

Am tired

I feel so tired, so many idiots, even some of those who are supposed to be on our side..

A person said they would not steal to save the life of their kids.. I dont have children but i could never see a child starve.  What kind of humanity is it when a person doesnt want to break the LAW in order to do something right.. I shall tell you  they are sheep.. then they go around and say its our fault.

Which would you choose the prison of the outside world, where you know you will starve become homeless, or prison where you have a bed, and food and stability.. I know which i would choose. And since i live in my head at the best of times it wouldnt bother me so much in prison..

Sometimes you have to break the law to do the right thing.. We are unemployable, the employers dont want us now..

  • People say that stealing is immoral; it it more immoral than to stand idle and watch someone starve and potentially die because you refuse to steal? The point of the matter is that if you do not steal, the person will starve. There is no other means of obtaining the food. As an individual, the choice is forced in your hands, you can steal to help, or lay idle to watch the person starve. Refuse to steal and know that it was because of YOU, that the person is still starving.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Great Work DWP

Great Work DWP.. Councillor Lisa Mulherin, warning that the number of hospital admissions: “tells us something about the changes to the welfare system, wage stagnation and the way fuel prices have gone up out of all proportion with people’s pay.”

New Law

Godwin’s law 2.0

The longer a society denies it’s policies are approaching fascism the more likely it is that they are already

Thursday 14 November 2013

Godfrey Bloom#s Electoral Reform

How can we arrest this economic and moral decline with an electoral system which gives a vote to anybody and everybody, who happens to be over eighteen years old. The system must reform, we need a complete reappraisal to reflect, as we did in the 1840s, more electoral power for those who create the revenue so disappointingly squandered by a bloated administration.

Is the system fair when a shop keeper pays rates on his house and his business, not to mention a heavy VAT and Income Tax bill and gets one vote. Some of his nieghbours have contributed nothing to the national exchequer at all and maybe never will, they get one vote.

I do not expect to vote in a Unite ballot because I am not a member and pay no dues. I do not expect a vote at Marks and Spencer's AGM because I am not a shareholder. We need to get to a system where the interest of the individual and the state are more compatible. Enlightened self interest in the Adam Smith style. We need to do this now before society and the economy collapse. Let us at least start a national debate, they did all those years ago to our mutual benefit. We owe it to the next generation.

Why Not Go the whole way , you are calling the unemployed Morally Deficient, Why not go the whole hog and make the unemployed a sub class of people.. who have no rights and you can do whatever you wish to them.. of course you may need to make a symbol for them to wear.. to make these Morally deficient unemployed people stand out..  

There are no words

I HATE the DWP and everyone working there. If they are involved in this in anyway then They are nothing but BULLIES,  and are EVIL. they are breaking people, How many people will be murdered by them?

and it will be murder driving people to suicide is still murder.. When will this government and the DWP be held accountable. There may be some decent people in the DWP. but they have to do the right thing. Or they are just as guilty of murder as if they put a gun against their head and pulled the trigger. Read this comment and RAGE.

And they wonder why violence against DWP staff is rising, and I for one will not help save any DWP staff member.  The DWP is evil.. it is pure evil...

Social Mobility

On channel 4 Fact Check they asked  

FactCheck: has social mobility collapsed

My answer is this

The punishing those considered lower class, (including the unemployed, the sick and disabled) has caused people from that group to feel marginalised, they are typically going for dead end jobs that pay just the minimum, that is if they can get out of the unemployment trap. the trap is because employers dont want to hire people they consider to be "workshy" as has been told so many times by the state and press.. So if you are of the lowest level what chance do you really have, when the state run DWP is against you and they are forcing people to go for the lowest jobs if not the free jobs how will that help social mobility. When you work for nothing except your benefits how will that help you .. and before people say it is experience, i know people with years and decades of experience in finance, building, they are stacking shelves for free HOW will that help them get back into their fields.. It wont.. So social mobility is gone if it ever existed as the rich always want a class of people to look down upon. As the two ronnies and John Cleese sketch said and nothing has changed and wont when those in power have all the power.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Two minds

Part of me wants to avoid ALL conversation, any new about the job centres and DWP and the work Programme.. BUT part of me thinks this typhoon aftermath is a good week to hide what the government is doing to others.

Am I paranoid.. I KNOW they are out to get me.. I avoid the outside world for this reason, i am going out less and less havent left the house for 3 months because i feel threatened by whats happening. At least in the house I am safe, Out there it isnt safe. What with all the state run bullies. Is it paranoia when you are told you arent good enough, that whatever you do it isnt good enough. AND these ARE the people who are supposed to help you get a job...

I used to be somewhat strong.. but they have broken me, I am a broke man.. I fear I will never be repaired.. but this is what the state wants an entire class of broken people people they can force to do anything, people with no self respect as they have been told and bullied for years.. so they will become a sub class of people Not entitled to any help.

If you see and read some of the articles in the news papers, some of the comments, you will see comments like if they havent contributed they should get nothing, no health care no legal rights. Some have even said If you dont sign up to vote you shouldnt receive any  benefits this was said by an MP.. So this if they have their way will create a class of people who have no health, no hope, no future and anything can be done to them.

I am afraid of the future, and i am getting to the point where i dont want to live in  the future.. labour and tories are all competing for a race to the bottom.. Labours plans in all this is to be tougher than  the tories.. even now more people are getting sick, what will happen when labour tightens the screws... I predict suicide rates will increase.. of course that could be what they want to get rid of the "mouth breathers".. the future isnt a place i want to be in anymore

Can people not see the connection

Benefit Sanction Rate Doubles For Sick and Disabled Claimants

 over half a million claims have been sanctioned between November 2012 and June 2013.

Shocking 50% Rise In Assaults on DWP Staff In Just One Year

Tuesday 12 November 2013

My day

I generally wake at 7 am everyday.. there is that heavenly 5 minutes before the reality of the unemployed world comes crashing down.. afterward that 5 minutes i just want to roll over and sleep the day away..

I get up have my coffee.. watch the bbc news, there the stories are all about obesity and unemployment, I turn over at 8, because i know whats coming, saints and scroungers.. the Propaganda of the government into hating the unemployed. this makes me shut down even more, any good i see immediately stops when i see/hear that show.  It is worse when the dwp claim millions have got jobs, when we all know they are fiddling the figures.. this reinforces the idea that those that havent got a job well its due to a moral failing on them..Lies, damn Lies, Statistics, government statistics.

The fact that even labour once the champion of the oppressed has become the same as the tories if not worse as their "solution" to unemployment is to do even worse than the tories. Who are the unemployed to turn too to defend the national hatred of the unemployed we have no one, Not many people care to speak out, even those of us who has suffered from the dwp rarely want to speak out incase they are bullied, punished.  Who can we trust not the government, think tanks some of them are just mouth pieces of the state to justify their unconscionable policies.

I doubt there will be a revolution, because the people who can speak out are being frightened into remaining silent.  Fear is in every unemployed persons heart and mind, we feel the Job centre staff are the enemy, they are out there to trick you to bully you.  We have all seen and known stories showing this to be true.

Is it paranoia when you know they are out to get you, they are out to punish you., Is it paranoia when the entire state run media demonise people for being unemployed.. time and again we hear benefits cheats, over and over.. but the true figures are less than errors Made by the DWP. They blame the unemployed/sick for the benefits bill, when the majority is pensions.. but this doesnt fit in with government hate campaign against the unemployed.

the Numbers dont add up

Just a quick question, You are to sign up for 2 job agencies a week, Now how many job agencies are where you live, Around me we have Reed, Adecco, Primetime, GPW, Plus a few smaller ones, so say 10 agencies, so in 5 weeks you will have signed up for all of them.. after 6 weeks you cant sign to any more.. as they dont exist.. Phoning 8 companies a week, How many companies are in your area in your field if you are specialised, hand delivering 8 CV's are these to the same 8 you phoned? If they are to call you twice a week, and you are out handing out CV's is that a sanction time? 

Are you supposed to sit there with the phone in front of you, Not go to the bathroom, or to the shops for food or your money? Its getting scarier out there I do not know how much people can take. Yet no one seems to care

 In addition, How many other people will be sending CV's phoning, dropping in with CV's. How much time will it cost companies to answer the phone and deal with the CV's before they start to Bin them immediately. 

Say there are 10,000 people looking for work on the new regime, and they each do 8 companies a week, thats 80,000 companies, 80,000 phone calls a week to the entire town. 80,000 CV's I doubt there are 80,000 in a town/area so these companies will be inundated with them (this isnt counting those from other areas, those wanting a job and are in a job or those applying for two part time jobs).

Brown envelopes and phobia

Whenever i get or see a Brown Envelope I start to Feel physically sick, my heart starts to race, i feel lightheaded, theres a sharp sick feeling in my hands start to shake, i feel as if i cant breathe.

Someone asked Can you develop a phobia about Brown envelopes, yes but a phobia is a Irrational fear, what if its a rational fear.. a fear of punishment?

Soft/hard outcomes Jobseeking

 I would say the Soft outcomes can be seen to be biased.. Who was asked and by who.. If its for example A4e asking you wouldnt say anything to contradict them on pain of sanction for not "engaging"  Anyone who has been on any of these so called training schemes get demotivated, You are constantly told it is your fault  Being told this constantly and even if you do everything you can possibly do to get a job they say it isnt good enough effectively saying YOU arent good enough.

Forget location, areas of deprivation, Forget areas that have no industry, Forget the recession, You are blamed in the press and by the very state that should be there to protect people, The organisations running these schemes dont see the difference between London and Liverpool.I personally believe that these schemes IF run right can help, but due to maladministration then being held to no account.  For example In my local a4e they said you can apply for this job.. and when i checked (since i cant drive) it would have taken me two hours to get there, but the adviser said but i can drive there easily.. they didnt understand the local transportation problems so started to force people into places that would cost a lot to get too in time and cost.. 

The other part is Getting people off benefits.. That can be read as getting them a job or getting them off benefits by sanctions.  This fear which 90% of all JSA people have isnt helping confidence of people so in essence the sanctions are making people worse We try our best We want to work, yet no matter what the unemployed do its not good enough..This is all Stick no carrot..I am afraid like the proverbs says If you beat a dog with a stick often enough it will fight back.. One of my friends was actually sanctioned for not looking in the local papers..she was actually waiting for a jobs rota as she has a full time job.. So she was punished for having a job  This story amongst others shows that it isnt about helping people into work but a way of punishing people for the "crime" of being unemployed.

But having experienced New deal, Flexible New deal, and Now the Work Programme and each time being let down by them, I have become somewhat of an expert in the schemes. Each time i go in with some confidence, then each time they fail me my confidence plummets, until this after the work programme scheme when it destroyed everything on top of other things like losing my brother in 2009.  

IF these schemes where run with compassion and knowledge of personal circumstances then yes they would work, however they are not, its a blame game for them.  Under the black box approach they could have used compassion but afraid compassion costs and they dont want to spend any money.  The answer I feel is LOCAL run schemes by LOCALS. The ones who know the transport situation, the local job market this would help with the confidence the unemployed have people who KNOW the situation rather than people just DO this or ELSE. But this rarely happens as national and international companies run them, people are just numbers just tick boxes.

Brown Envelope of Doom

I was just starting to feel slightly ok, then the letter and the crashing the feeling of persecution begins again.

I find it hard to see the point of it all now, I wake up and think for 5 minutes the world is going to be ok.. then i realise and i think i want to go back to bed and sleep the day away.

day after day the world is getting worse, the dwp persecuting people over and over. telling them we are worthless, whatever we do we are to blame..I dont see much point in it all.

I know what would help me.  I know right down to the pennie what will help me.. Enough money so that the job centre and DWP will leave me alone.

but i am according to them to blame for everything,