Tuesday, 12 November 2013

the Numbers dont add up

Just a quick question, You are to sign up for 2 job agencies a week, Now how many job agencies are where you live, Around me we have Reed, Adecco, Primetime, GPW, Plus a few smaller ones, so say 10 agencies, so in 5 weeks you will have signed up for all of them.. after 6 weeks you cant sign to any more.. as they dont exist.. Phoning 8 companies a week, How many companies are in your area in your field if you are specialised, hand delivering 8 CV's are these to the same 8 you phoned? If they are to call you twice a week, and you are out handing out CV's is that a sanction time? 

Are you supposed to sit there with the phone in front of you, Not go to the bathroom, or to the shops for food or your money? Its getting scarier out there I do not know how much people can take. Yet no one seems to care

 In addition, How many other people will be sending CV's phoning, dropping in with CV's. How much time will it cost companies to answer the phone and deal with the CV's before they start to Bin them immediately. 

Say there are 10,000 people looking for work on the new regime, and they each do 8 companies a week, thats 80,000 companies, 80,000 phone calls a week to the entire town. 80,000 CV's I doubt there are 80,000 in a town/area so these companies will be inundated with them (this isnt counting those from other areas, those wanting a job and are in a job or those applying for two part time jobs).

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