Sunday, 17 November 2013

Am tired

I feel so tired, so many idiots, even some of those who are supposed to be on our side..

A person said they would not steal to save the life of their kids.. I dont have children but i could never see a child starve.  What kind of humanity is it when a person doesnt want to break the LAW in order to do something right.. I shall tell you  they are sheep.. then they go around and say its our fault.

Which would you choose the prison of the outside world, where you know you will starve become homeless, or prison where you have a bed, and food and stability.. I know which i would choose. And since i live in my head at the best of times it wouldnt bother me so much in prison..

Sometimes you have to break the law to do the right thing.. We are unemployable, the employers dont want us now..

  • People say that stealing is immoral; it it more immoral than to stand idle and watch someone starve and potentially die because you refuse to steal? The point of the matter is that if you do not steal, the person will starve. There is no other means of obtaining the food. As an individual, the choice is forced in your hands, you can steal to help, or lay idle to watch the person starve. Refuse to steal and know that it was because of YOU, that the person is still starving.

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