Sunday 9 December 2012

Some new jobs on UJM

I am documenting these jobs as they will vanish into the ether

Job description
We are looking for female models to appear on our shows.
We have many shows coming up in the next few weeks and months
Good rates of pay.
Please email me...
-Latest Photo/s



-Email address

And Here
CosaNostra Holdings
International Couriers
Job description
Cosa Nostra is a family run business which has a number of successful divisions, and following increasing demand we are recruiting into our import/export and logistics division.

We are looking to take on three international couriers, ideally with their own transport, who can travel to our production hub in Amsterdam to collect high value packages and bring them into the UK to pass on to our national distribution network. Speed is of the essence in this role and we also expect all staff to adhere to our strict code of conduct. There may also be opportunities for particularly talented individuals to work on some of our transatlantic routes between the central America and the UK.

We are expecting high applicants for these roles, so do apply soon.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Jobcentre staff to be signed on

  • Atherstone jobcentre is trialling a new method that has done away with advisers and fixed signing on times. People come in and hand over a sheet of the jobs they have applied for, get a new one and then leave. Along with Universal Jobmatch, it’s further evidence the DWP is looking to make staff cutbacks.

    I can’t believe jobcentre staff can’t see the writing on the wall. Would be interested to know if similar schemes are being trialled elsewhere.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Got this when i was on a4e

Pamfil via 


We have found your resume on the site and paragoned your information with the specifications we take into consideration when looking for our staff. We are pleased to declare that you are in line with the position we are offering right now.

The Nearex Company has opened a well paid position with flexible working hours.

Location: The United Kingdom of Great Britain

If you are searching for a part-time job, please write us to:
Short CV attached is recommended.

All the best,

Mark Poulsen

I got this email out of the blue, took it to my adviser and she suggested i apply for it, But being an Admin I had never heard of anyone using the word paragoned, said it was dodgy, she said oh just apply for it, but doing a little research i find it was a russian site, and it was money laundering  this is the forum about that email i got i showed her but she wasnt interested

Tuesday 27 November 2012

The begathon

its started, some of the better performing are making a loss.. well they bid for the contract, they failed to get the basic minimum as stated in contract yet they want more money.

Ok last time i was at a4e, i was asked by the staff member to teach computers to people who were computer illiterate, they said i could teach them and they would fund a PTTLS course so i could teach , Of course when it came time they said no funding..  I was a client there, they were clients, I taught them because their computer teacher couldnt be bothered.  I got them net ready,not a4e yet i got bugger all.

Just shows they want something for nothing, no chance of a job, no chance of qual. even though i showed them adverts for 4 jobs teach but all NEEDEDa PTTLS qualification, so a4e did me out of the chance of a job because they were tighter than a ducks backside

the figures are in

It is official the Work Programme failed.. the figures they use are based on 14 months rather than a year.  and that figure is 3.3%  the contract signed by the dwp and providers said MINIMUM of 5.5%  So they FAILED.  But its even worse.. taking the year figure 12 months, they didnt even reach half of their projected successes.

254k Disabled people who were placed on the Work Programme 6,200 of them had a positive job by July 2012 a job success rate of less than 2%

We the people on the scheme Predicted it would fail just like the last ones

Compelling those on long term unemployment to take up mandatory work for either minimal pay of £2.50 an hour, or in some cases no pay for a set period of time from 8 weeks to 26 weeks never carried a guarantee of work at the end. For the 878,000 people who participated in the Work Programme in the year from July 2011 to July 2012 less than 31,250 of Work Programme placements had resulted in a Job Outcome. This means that the success of the Work Programme was 3.53%.

Sunday 25 November 2012

I dont beleive this idiot

And for those who claim without any record of contribution, we should be firmer still. For individuals aged under 25 who have not yet paid National Insurance contributions for a certain period, perhaps five years, unemployment benefit should be in the form of a repayable loan. An unemployed teenager would still receive the same amount of cash as now, for example, but they would be expected to repay the value once in work

Saturday 24 November 2012

Anonymity and me

I feel more free being able to speak on many subjects under this name or Eric Greenwood as I worry about threats to my life by the state.  By threats i mean sanctioned for speaking out, I have been bullied and threatened by my provider, So to stop that i have these names they grant me a peace of mind.  Unfortunately this means while i wish i could speak out in public i cannot i dare not take the risk

The right to freedom of speech and expression

The right to freedom of speech and expression

Concepts of freedom of speech can be found in early human rights documents.[3] England’s Bill of Rights 1689 granted 'freedom of speech in Parliament' and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, adopted during the French Revolution in 1789, specifically affirmed freedom of speech as an inalienable right.[4] The Declaration provides for freedom of expression in Article 11, which states that:
"The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law."[5]
Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."[6]
Today freedom of speech, or the freedom of expression, is recognized in international and regional human rights law. The right is enshrined in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 13 of the American Convention on Human Rights and Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights.[7] Based on John Milton's arguments, freedom of speech is understood as a multi-faceted right that includes not only the right to express, or disseminate, information and ideas, but three further distinct aspects:
  • the right to seek information and ideas;
  • the right to receive information and ideas;
  • the right to impart information and ideas.[7]
International, regional and national standards also recognize that freedom of speech, as the freedom of expression, includes any medium, be it orally, in written, in print, through the Internet or through art forms. This means that the protection of freedom of speech as a right includes not only the content, but also the means of expression.[7]

Thursday 22 November 2012

Other stuff

Been in the rant mode for a little too long, so for some dream game

If money was no object, I would pay someone to create a computer game with all the things i enjoy in others. In borderlands the procedural weapons and monsters and humans, In prototype 1 and 2, the ability to climb walls go on top of buildings all around. Just cause 1 and 2 the massive amount of land to run about in. Dragons dogma/two worlds two the harvesting of dead bodies for items/money etc. Saints row the third, all teh vehicles you can steal and customise and store. Two worlds the customisable magic, the breaking down of items into components, that could be used to upgrade weapons as in monster hunter. the Crafting of weapons and armour in skyrim, the upcoming possession power in dishonoured, the absorbtion and disguise ability in prototype

What i want in a video game.

Borderlands 1 and 2 the procedural creation of weapons and monsters.

Prototype 1 and 2, the ability to climb buildings just and fly from one to the other

Just cause 1 and 2, using grapples to pull yourself from one building to another

Dragons dogma/two worlds two the harvesting of dead bodies for items/money

Saints row the third, all the vehicles you can steal and customise and store

Two worlds the customisable magic, the breaking down of items into components,

the Crafting of weapons and armour in skyrim

the upcoming possession power in dishonoured, you can possess animals dogs, people, birds, rats

the absorbtion and disguise ability in prototype

Ragdoll Physics allowing dismemberment of monsters

Borderlands 1 and 2 Just cause 1, and 2, Skyrim, two world the large amount of land, spread over several islands

Buildings we can enter.  If i could scan the planet, have real cities to walk about in, think GTA the real world. of course there would be some exceptions use a procedural creation of buildings

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Wisconsin cancelled its been kept quiet

Welfare-to-work plan killed off with nothing to replace it

04/30/2010 08:42

Comes after lawmakers and NGOs persuade gov't that program too flawed to be expanded nationwide.

Nat'l Employment Service Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski
It was aimed to get thousands of people off unemployment benefits and back into the workplace when it kicked off some four years ago, but the Wisconsin Plan, Israel’s flagship employment program, looks set to close its doors this weekend after lawmakers and NGOs persuaded the government that the program was too flawed to be expanded nationwide.

MK Haim Katz, chair of the Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee, which recommended scrapping the plan, said that it did not deserve any more time or even discussion.

While the merits or pitfalls of this obviously well-intentioned scheme can be debated for hours – most likely without reaching much conclusion – what needs to be asked following this turn of events is how much the debate over this program is reflective of the government’s failure to effectively tackle Israel’s growing poverty and what, if anything, is likely to come in its place?

According to research published earlier this year by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, the country is on an unsustainable long-term social and economic trajectory, with our leaders preferring to simply increase welfare payments instead of dealing with the root causes of poverty.

The center’s executive director, Dr. Dan Ben-David, an economics professor for the Department of Public Policy at Tel Aviv University, said that increasing welfare assistance is not sustainable in the long term.

“On one hand, we are lucky that Israel has been able to provide such a safety net,” Ben-David told The Jerusalem Post in s previous interview. “On the other hand, however, welfare assistance per capita in Israel has risen five-fold in the past four decades, while the average income has only doubled.”

Bearing this in mind, it is not clear why it was decided to disband a program actively seeking to prepare the unemployable for employment, and where this will leave thousands of people who want to better their lives instead of continuing to rely on diminishing welfare. What will the roughly 18,000 people currently participating in the Wisconsin Plan do on Sunday morning?

Oshrat Maimon, an attorney for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), which has been actively lobbying lawmakers for four years to cancel the program and whose legal petition was successful in ending it on Thursday, believes the majority of the programs participants will be happy that it’s over.

She said that an employment program run by for-profit companies is damaging and a severe infringement on people’s human rights.

“There are some things that need to stay in the hands of the government,” she says. “Welfare benefits are given out by the government and it is up to the government to decide whether someone should be entitled to them or not.

“The heart of the problem is that the Finance Ministry does not want to deal with welfare benefits any longer and is trying to outsource the responsibility to the private sector,” she said, adding that no amount of tweaking to the plan would have been able to counter that bold step.

However, while the criticism by Maimon and others who fought against the Wisconsin Plan might be convincing, there are now few alternatives for those who must return to standing in line to claim their welfare benefits at the National Employment Service.

Over the last two decades funding to the National Employment Service has been severely slashed and today, as it deals with nearly 400 clients per case worker, it acts merely as a conduit for people trying to make sure they receive some type of income. Little is invested in actively helping the unemployed find work.

Maimon argues that it makes little difference, because one of the main problems in Israel is that there are not enough jobs out there, especially for the chronically unemployed and the discriminated-against Arab sector – a fact, she said, the Wisconsin Plan failed to acknowledge.

According to Maimon, ACRI received many complaints from participants showing how those running the program would send people to work in inappropriate and low-paying jobs, just to get them off of welfare.

“People ended up getting part-time jobs for very low wages and would end up losing their benefits or having to spend hours at the centers doing nothing, just to get their income support,” Maimon said.

“The main problem with the government is that instead of focusing on improving the job market, all the emphasis for finding work is on the unemployed,” she said. “There is simply not enough work placements for people.”

So what are the other options? Maimon and those who called for the Wisconsin Plan’s end believe that the government should invest once again in the National Employment Service and give it the tools to help the more than 225,000 unemployed people find work.

“These private companies were given millions of shekels to run this program and if the Treasury just gives even half that money to the employment service they will be twice as effective,” she said.

Whether the National Employment Service will be able to reclaim its status after being sidelined for the past four years in favor of the Wisconsin Plan remains to be seen, but what is clear is that unless the government comes up with a viable welfare-to-work alternative and a plan for effectively tackling poverty, Ben David’s prediction of an unsustainable trajectory might end up proving itself.            

A4e's Wisconsin Plan

ID cards by the back door

Online benefit claimants will from next year be asked to verify their identities by giving a password to one of a list of private organisations that includes a credit check company, an international telecoms giant and a global defence company.
The Government yesterday announced its first seven partners in its controversial national Identity Assurance scheme which will allow online access next year to the new Universal Credit programme. The system is designed to avoid users having to register through a Government website and creating a Big Brother-style National Identity card by the back door.
The initial partner organisations selected by the Department for Work & Pensions includes: Post Office; Experian, the credit reference company; Cassidian, the defence and security division of the pan-European aerospace giant EADS; and the American global telecommunications giant Verizon.

Demonisation of the benefit

'Scrounger' stigma puts poor people off applying for essential benefits

Research shows 'climate of fear' whipped up by media stories on benefit fraud delay or stop people in need from getting help

Hundreds of thousands of poor people say they have been put off applying for or collecting benefits because of the perceived stigma generated by false media depictions of "scroungers" – leading many to forgo essentials such as food and fuel, a new report claims.
Analysis by researchers, led by the University of Kent's social policy team, said polls and focus groups had revealed a quarter of claimants had "delayed or avoided asking for" vital welfare payments because of "misleading news coverage driven by [government] policy".
This "climate of fear" means 1.8 million people have potentially been too scared to seek help they are entitled to from the state. Such is the scale of successive governments' disinformation that the report calls for ministers to abandon briefing journalists ahead of their speeches and asks Whitehall departments to seek corrections "for predictable and repeated media misinterpretations".

The researchers tested the accuracy of recent government statements and found them lacking. The report highlights that ministers – including the chancellor, George Osborne – had claimed there were families taking £100,000 a year in housing benefit. In fact there were only five such families in the UK.
Last year ministers appeared to brief that 1,360 people had been off work for a decade with diarrhoea, when in fact they had severe bowel diseases and cancer.

Monday 19 November 2012

unemployment and tax

For all those who use the all benefits are scroungers  please read the above story

So ALL the unemployed cost every tax payer is £56..

If it does, it might backfire. HMRC's sample earner (Mr J Smith) on £25,200 a year pays £363.12 a year to service the national debt. Yes, it's a lot, but hardly the financial nightmare one might expect.
Next on the table comes Welfare. HMRC says the taxman took £1,900 in 2011-12 from Mr Smith to pay for pensioners, the sick, children, housing and the unemployed. On the pie chart that accompanies the statement, Mr Smith is left in no doubt which folk are taking the biggest cut of his money: spending on the elderly accounts for £800 alone.
But taxpayers who think their money is going to pay for layabouts on the dole should think again. Even in a year of high unemployment, HMRC estimates that just £56 of Mr Smith's £5,702 in tax went to pay unemployment benefits – about the same as he was charged for court services, and just a third of the cost of paying for the police.
Another favourite bugbear of the anti-tax brigade, that most of what we pay in tax is funnelled off to pay for the EU or overseas aid, is also given short shrift. The table shows that just £56.74 of Mr Smith's £5,702 went on overseas aid, while £28.37 went to the EU. Education, meanwhile, cost him £743, while Health cost another £992.91. Defence is £329 – roughly equal to the spend on sickness and disability.

I hate

Robert Devereux, Permanent Secretary, Department for Work and Pensions

Sunday 18 November 2012

my views on the country

The tax system is wrong, Billions of pounds not got by the state, far far far more than any that have been allegedly claimed by fraud,  Vodaphone, Starbucks, Amazon.. I say pay 25% tax flat rate for everyone. close all loop holes, You earn 100,000 you give 25,000, earn more pay more but the ratio will remain the same. businesses, they have to hire pay more in business taxes unless they hire the unemployed/long term then they pay a little less. the money raked in by the state could pay the welfare/sick of everyone.

Keep smokers, keep drinkers, legalise prostitution run medical and health checks, and tax it, legalise drugs, tax it set up certain controls.. Crime then falls.  less money needed for the police as less crime. then you wouldnt need the PCC, or the layers and layers of red tape that costs money.  Stop all these tax havens.  Use road tax to fix the roads, nationalise the rail, the post office make them run not for profit, I am not saying pay the managers NMW, but pay them less than they get now, No one deserves 200k plus wages. Let the mps come from the people they must have been resident in the area for x amount of years abolish all political parties, Lets have a true democracy rather people voting for a party because they always have. Limit the amount of time an mp can serve to 4 terms, limit PM's to 2 terms. so there is a consistency but no one has more power. All this would make people's lives easier.. well would make the middle and lower classes better the rich well they will hate it. Just a few ideas.  Let people who want to marry get married, if thats male and female, male male, female female, or even in poly groups.  Let people live how they wish so long as it hurts no one else.

  1. Housing, set up a true retraining, get the unemployed electricians, builders to actually build a house, sell it use profits to buy more land to build more, self sustaining housing.use these building charities to train up those who arent academically clever.. Make it a meritocracy, education is good, but if you cant use it then its useless. Too many degree courses and afterwards the students need to go on extra courses on how to read/write.

The comment i made about smokers, well let pubs decide if they want to have smoking or non smoking, let the pub owners decide what they want to do. No one forced into going to a smoking pub, if they dont smoke.  Let people have a choice. set up a good transport infrastructure, buses, trains, trams. If they dont run on time fine the managers for not making them run on time. same with the post that will incentivise them into making things run on time and more efficiently, Keep the national minimum wage, use some of the money the extra tax businesses have to pay to pay for the roads as they deliver more things (not sure if they do it now but transport businesses who use the roads to deliver food make sure that money goes to the roads). Have a nationalised truly independent tv station, stating the news without bias, without pandering to one side which goes to the political change. If we must have a olympics have it central so that everyone can visit if they wish. rather than at one end of the country. whats the point is building another set, and another repeatedly when you can build ONE giant place with everything you need.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

comments 3

  • EricGreenwood
    7 November 2012 10:38PM
    No my job centre adviser said a4e are sanction happy. I have never been sanctioned because of the only thing i ever learned at a4e. is to cover my back. dont trust them, read every single bit of paper you sign. Cover your back at all times with a4e. I used to work in the job centre, I have been on both sides. the job centre cannot sanction you if you are on the work programme. Once again you dont mention who you work for. I print off every job i apply for, i print off every email i send for jobs. i send a copy to my adviser at a4e. I cover my back. Because i know a4e are sanction happy. I have never missed an appointment, i am always there about 30 minutes beforehand.. i make sure they know i am there. But i have heard from people who have been sanctioned for no reason. Like one of the people on this topic. The work programme will never work, there are no jobs. the fact that jonty wants more money for a4e and the work programme people shows it isnt working.
    this was done under the last government as well. 29 jobs applied for in 21 days.. yet its always my fault.. that 10k was just a4e people they sanctioned.
  • EricGreenwood
    7 November 2012 10:30PM
    I see you have used the Neuro linguistic Programming phrase.. So the work programme isnt there to get people jobs its to make people job ready.. If there were real jobs out there there wouldnt be 2 million plus unemployed.. I know my career knew it from when i was 8 years old. I want a job something that these schemes never get people. If they cant get WORK for people in the WORK programme, then they are not doing their job
    Essentially NLP says It is your fault for not getting a job. forget the recession, forget the 2 million plus unemployed, forget the outsourcing to other countries.. It is YOUR fault YOU havent got a job. No its the employers not hiring the long term unemployed.
  • AylesburyOx
    7 November 2012 10:28PM
    Right, just to be clear the Work Programme don't issue the sanctions, they can only recommend them. 
    10,000 does seem very high so I agree there was probably some 'trigger happy' use of the system.
    When people do nothing, apply for nothing, go nowhere and provide no evidence of active job seeking they leave Advisors with very few options. Most people will get a chance; I hear some A4es offer a '3 strikes' policy and then will refer the person for a sanction. 
    If you claim JSA you must be actively job seeking and by actively job seeking you will be able to evidence this. If your Advisor is talking about sanctions then something is going amiss. If you aren't attending appointments, whether you think them necessary or not then you are leaving yourself open to a sanction. 
    If your job search information consists of 'looked in newspaper' or 'spoke to mate' then you are leaving yourself open to a sanction. This is the reality we are living in. You either work with it or suffer, I'm sorry but while this government is in power there are few grey areas left.
  • AylesburyOx
    7 November 2012 10:16PM
    Complain about the problem, not fix it ? Interesting.
    It is not the WP trying to make these people work ready, it is the DWP. You are right that they are just the foot soldiers and I'm sorry about your 'wholly negative' experience but don't tar them all with the same brush, as most are very good at what they do. 
    No but you mistake the Work Programme as a provider of employment for people referred to them, they are there to support, develop and encourage clients into work. If the opportunities are there then hopefully they will find them. If they are not and in some cases may never be there then they will actively encourage people to retrain and look at other options. 
    Show me absolute proof of fraud from the top down and I will believe it. At the moment you are just talking about things being 'unfair' well I'm sorry but people who voted in this government should of known that fairness wasn't on the agenda.
    1. Real jobs are out there - please do look at your local labour market information. Found on your county council website.
    2. This I absolutely agree with - there are too many wooly courses and for too long businesses have gotten away with 'in house' qualifications. However CV sessions and NLP sessions will lead to people getting jobs.
    3. Try the National Careers Service, they are there for exactly that purpose.
  • EricGreenwood
    7 November 2012 10:06PM
    so the fact that 10,000 people being put forward by a4e to be sanctioned is a lie.. and that only 3,000 were recgonised that meant 7,000 was put forward and no case was found.. Is that a lie. Is it a lie that people have been threatened with sanctions for not doing as they are told.. Is it a Lie.. Is this story a Lie Is this a LIE
    Is this a Lie as well what about the other people are they all liars too
  • ArbeitMachtFrei
    7 November 2012 10:00PM
    Well now! You say
    Clearly you would rather complain about there being problem than try to find a solution. Shame.
    This will not do - The first step to finding a solution is to recognise that there is a problem. Having recognised that there is a problem the next step is to complain about it.
    My experience of WP "advisers" has not been wholly negative. They are the foot soldiers trying to make an unworkable system work - the more intelligent of them realise this and move on to pastures new asap. There is no point trying to make the 2 million plus pool of unemployed "work ready" if there is no work for them to be ready for. This just results in an inordinately expensive game of musical chairs where there is a constant recycling of people through the WP at tremendous cost to the taxpayer and tremendous profit to the providers.
    Someone needs to recognise that no matter how much cash is thrown at the providers the WP won't produce employment - just ever richer providers. I resent this!
    As for "hidden fraud". I place great faith on the testimony of the one time chief auditor at both A4e and Working Links who has courageously testified to the poor and fraudulent practices at both. OK - this was in the past but it didn't stop lucrative government contracts being awarded to the same companies. What bigger endorsement of their methods could there be?
    The WP isn't working and won't ever work in its present format. What is needed is:
    1. Real jobs - personally I don't care whether they're private or public sector.
    2. Real education and training - by "real" I mean that which is relevant to the jobs at 1 (above). not CV writing, NLP sessions etc. etc.
    3. Good, professional empathetic career guidance.
    Personally I believe this is better provided by the public sector as it is too long term for the likes of A4e to consider relevant. A4e and their ilk have just become government subsidised employment agencies and their staff just sales people armed with sanction threats.
  • tornadojay
    7 November 2012 9:57PM
    People r being sanctioned for not doing any thing wrong them selfs i no that for a fact because im one off them,but ive been able to prove i was right and won how many were not so lucky i dont no but bet theres many out there

comments 2

7 November 2012 9:51PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 9:41PM
So the fact that some a4e staff On this very site and others hide under anonymity, because they feel threatened. thats a lie is it.. It happens People being sanctioned for being 5 minutes late for a meeting after they had a job interview.. truth.. search for it.. You will never see anything wrong with a4e because you work for them.. thats the only reason..

we disagree because you profit off the work programme, you get paid by them. i suffer at the coal face.. So come on who do you work for.. i asked several times. My bad experiences has been over 4 YEARS in 3 different a4e schemes. Other groups have the same experiences as me so i guess you will call them liars as well.

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Share EricGreenwood
7 November 2012 9:46PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 9:33PM
But a4e doesnt train people. They dont run courses, I wanted to do a PTTLS course no money. other people wanted to other courses No money..oh yes give people a peice of paper produced by a4e about internally run a4e courses that mean absolutely Nothing. thats not training, thats not real training. You go into an a4e or other work programme and ask them about training.. most will say no money..

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Share AylesburyOx
7 November 2012 9:41PM
Response to EricGreenwood, 7 November 2012 9:25PM
Actually it means that 4% found employment through A4e and 96% while working with A4e found employment. It doesn't necessarily mean their A4e experience was a waste of time; some of that 96% probably used the experience as a catalyst to find employment and took on board their Advisors support.

Now you are just fabricating information - staff being bullied, being sanctioned for anything. Simply not true.

You and I are destined to disagree on this, and not because I'm right and you're wrong, although I am and you are. But because your bad experience will always influence your judgement on the matter.

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Share EricGreenwood
7 November 2012 9:41PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 9:33PM
first the £46 million could be used to reduce rents in local businesses, the rents on the outdoor market run by the council is very high, but that £46 million is just for a4e. the projection cost of the work programme is in the BILLIONS.

So reduce the local business rates. that would get more people working in them. Lets see, why not get some land, hire some of the unemployed builders electricians to make a house sell for a profit, use that to buy more land.. and so on.. wouldnt that create sustainable jobs.. Why not stop the outsourcing of jobs? Wouldnt that be better. How about setting up retraining courses made up of the unemployed those with life skills. to teach others. and thats just off the top of my head.

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Share tornadojay
7 November 2012 9:37PM
Complained yes i have but u have to complain to your provider then u dont get a reply the dwp say its out off there hands and u can not see a adviser from the dwp while your on the work programme which is just mad if u ask me,yes it is poor treatment very poor and im sure there is alot more out there maybe someone other than these providers should ask whats its like and how much help u get from them.And yes there are lots of people who dont want to work and need a push a kick up the back side and when u use a private company for this its all about making money not help,how about taking the first 400 pound they get for not doing any thing away from them and then watch them drop out.

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Share AylesburyOx
7 November 2012 9:33PM
Response to EricGreenwood, 7 November 2012 9:21PM
What jobs would you create for £46m across the country? Seriously, come up with a way of spending that money to create enough sustainable employment across the entire UK and I'll agree with all of your comments.

£46m spread out would barely scratch the surface the unemployment in the UK. It is a better use of money to train people in jobs that do exist and to provide support services to get people into these roles.

I'd suggest looking at your local government website for Labour Market Information and see just how many opportunities there are available. You will be amazed.

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Share EricGreenwood
7 November 2012 9:25PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 9:20PM
RUbbish again.. less than 4% of people got a job via a4e. that means 96% didnt. in 18 months. No fraud will be sneakier and it will take time for whistle blowers to say because people who work are scared because they are being bullied. They did the same scheme last time.. and the time before and they failed as well. The do not work. the facts that channel 4 got and looked at show that.

What me complain, when you can be sanctioned for anything or threatened with sanctions.. You definitely work for a4e, or the PR firm she hired.

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Share EricGreenwood
7 November 2012 9:21PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 9:14PM
The solution is use the money given to these useless providers use it to Create jobs. not force people into applying for any job going. That is the solution. Only those who profit from these schemes want these schemes. If you are on them you are not unemployed, if you are sanctioned you are not unemployed. Hiw come a4e put forward 10,000 plus people for sanctions, and the dwp has only agreed to 3000. They have sanctioned more people that they got jobs for. use the £46 Million give to a4e to CREATE jobs.

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7 November 2012 9:20PM
Response to EricGreenwood, 7 November 2012 9:09PM
Again, you are using your frankly poor treatment as a way to tarnish a while company. I can't comment on your situation as I wasn't there but it sounds awful and I hope you complained.

If there is fraud it will be found as Emma Harrison has made too many enemies - see my previous comment.

These places do work for the majority of people who come through the door, like any client centred service they don't work for everyone but I see no reason to throw up our hands and declare failure 18 months into a 5 year programme, where the ultimate aim is to support people into work and training.

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7 November 2012 9:18PM
It would be nice if my adviser did some work atleast did what he is paid to do.

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7 November 2012 9:14PM
Response to mkmky1, 7 November 2012 9:02PM
Darn you caught me...

Yes of course I'm deluded because I want people to work together to make things right. Clearly you would rather complain about there being problem than try to find a solution. Shame.

As for hidden fraud - Emma Harrison has far too many enemies in government for any fraud not to be found. Trust me they will search high and low for it and if it's there, they will find it.

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7 November 2012 9:09PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 8:44PM
I have been bullied, one adviser said I know where you live and you are wrong about the buses. He got the wrong place.. I had an adviser laugh at me because i said some places are hard for me to get too as i rely on public transport and have osteoarthritis, so i cant walk far. She LAUGHED. Payment by results is open to fraud. Look at the fraud case still being investigated In surrey NOW. 6 a4e staff members arrested and bailed. The recent investigation was done by a company that a4e paid of course they wouldnt find anything wrong.

So you ar saying if there was fraud we wouldnt know about it.. and since we dont know about it that means theres no fraud. The public accounts committee said the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had missed "vital evidence" of possible fraud, particularly at the firm A4e.

Committee chair Margaret Hodge said the DWP had "not been proactive in setting in place systems which root out fraud". Perhaps if you look at watching a4e, johnnyvoid's site. Boycott workfare, and many many other sites. I guess you work for a4e, or one of the others. Perhaps you dont want to see the fact these place DO NOT WORK. and they do more harm than good.

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7 November 2012 9:03PM
They r bullies they lie and cheat make up reasons to try and sanction u because most off time they dont no what there doing,Im with working links there staff are really bad ive been 6 times so far and i asked for help and asked them to job match me with the kind off jobs i can do and get told we dont do that, i am a disabled person can not walk far or use my right hand very well but ive still been able to work for most of the last 30 years and what kind off job do u think they have asked me to do well its ride a bike around town dropping off food.ive not had one good thing from it like most would say they seem to take the first 400 pound then dump u,im all for getting help to find a job but thats not what there doing even when i was told i had to do the mandatory work activity and they could not find me any where they tryed to sanction me,It needs to stop.

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7 November 2012 9:02PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 8:44PM
"If the system were open to fraud then you and I wouldn't know about it"

I agree they have hidden the fraud,to many Politicians have hitched their wagon to the WP

Are you sure you are not Jonty? If not you are just as Deluded as he is!

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7 November 2012 8:57PM
What makes little sense is the fact I attend a sub-contractor (The Council) who ran the FND,but now lose 12.5% of the attachment fee to the Prime,granted the Prime set up a portal where jobs were sent to your account,click of a button and off goes your CV to an employer..sounded great,sent off daily CV's......The system never went live...The Prime never informed the Sub,who in turn never informed the Client,who wasted 3 months,as this was the only method they would accept to prove you had applied for positions..Was anybody held accountable?...The programme manager has informed me via E-mail "There is no money for training,you need to get a job" I asked him what his purpose was?....Blank stare....YOU NEED TO GET A JOB! I now attend 2 sessions weekly,where they will only accept 14 unskilled positions(I have to apply for) as proof of seeking work.

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7 November 2012 8:44PM
Response to EricGreenwood, 7 November 2012 8:27PM
You and I must mix in very different circles then as for every negative comment I've heard about Work Programme staff I'd say I've heard at least 3 positive ones.

Work Programme staff, JCP staff and anyone in a client facing role for that matter will only be able to give what they get - they are open to abuse, they hear endless excuses and they are under constant scrutiny by the government and by those who they are there to support. These people are not bullies, they are not the enemy and they are not Camerons evil henchmen they are people trying to do an extremely tough job under increasing difficult circumstances. Working together is the only possibly solution.

The payment system isn't open to fraud as the recent investigation has testified. If the system were open to fraud then you and I wouldn't know about it.

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7 November 2012 8:27PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 8:10PM
I know and have seen the same people as clients and they ALL say the same thing. All three of my adviser did nothing but bully me, demean me, insult me. I felt threatened by sanctioning by them. I know people country wide each with the same experiences of the work programme, some at ingeus, a4e, serco, g4s. Every single one of them has teh Same stories. The same experience. The same incompetent advisers.

The payment by results system is open to fraud. The pressures the management put upon the advisers make short cuts desirable and that way leads to fraud. All the "clients" are is £400.

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7 November 2012 8:10PM
Response to EricGreenwood, 7 November 2012 7:57PM
You seem to be making the mistake of using your experience as an excuse to judge the service as a whole. I'm sure the 3 Advisors you dealt with were in turn dealt with by their Team Leader, the same way a person struggling in any company would be dealt with by theirs.
Yes you are 'dumped' into A4e, but by the DWP. Yes you are also correct that you are a tick box but remember that Advisor who's box you are ticking needs to support you into work as much as possible otherwise you won't help them meet their extremely high target.

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7 November 2012 7:57PM
Response to AylesburyOx, 7 November 2012 7:48PM
I'm sure it's spelt substance misuse. Perhaps you should proofread those CV's after you've "updated" them, no?