Tuesday 27 November 2012

The begathon

its started, some of the better performing are making a loss.. well they bid for the contract, they failed to get the basic minimum as stated in contract yet they want more money.

Ok last time i was at a4e, i was asked by the staff member to teach computers to people who were computer illiterate, they said i could teach them and they would fund a PTTLS course so i could teach , Of course when it came time they said no funding..  I was a client there, they were clients, I taught them because their computer teacher couldnt be bothered.  I got them net ready,not a4e yet i got bugger all.

Just shows they want something for nothing, no chance of a job, no chance of qual. even though i showed them adverts for 4 jobs teach but all NEEDEDa PTTLS qualification, so a4e did me out of the chance of a job because they were tighter than a ducks backside

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