Wednesday 28 November 2012

Got this when i was on a4e

Pamfil via 


We have found your resume on the site and paragoned your information with the specifications we take into consideration when looking for our staff. We are pleased to declare that you are in line with the position we are offering right now.

The Nearex Company has opened a well paid position with flexible working hours.

Location: The United Kingdom of Great Britain

If you are searching for a part-time job, please write us to:
Short CV attached is recommended.

All the best,

Mark Poulsen

I got this email out of the blue, took it to my adviser and she suggested i apply for it, But being an Admin I had never heard of anyone using the word paragoned, said it was dodgy, she said oh just apply for it, but doing a little research i find it was a russian site, and it was money laundering  this is the forum about that email i got i showed her but she wasnt interested

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