Monday 19 November 2012

unemployment and tax

For all those who use the all benefits are scroungers  please read the above story

So ALL the unemployed cost every tax payer is £56..

If it does, it might backfire. HMRC's sample earner (Mr J Smith) on £25,200 a year pays £363.12 a year to service the national debt. Yes, it's a lot, but hardly the financial nightmare one might expect.
Next on the table comes Welfare. HMRC says the taxman took £1,900 in 2011-12 from Mr Smith to pay for pensioners, the sick, children, housing and the unemployed. On the pie chart that accompanies the statement, Mr Smith is left in no doubt which folk are taking the biggest cut of his money: spending on the elderly accounts for £800 alone.
But taxpayers who think their money is going to pay for layabouts on the dole should think again. Even in a year of high unemployment, HMRC estimates that just £56 of Mr Smith's £5,702 in tax went to pay unemployment benefits – about the same as he was charged for court services, and just a third of the cost of paying for the police.
Another favourite bugbear of the anti-tax brigade, that most of what we pay in tax is funnelled off to pay for the EU or overseas aid, is also given short shrift. The table shows that just £56.74 of Mr Smith's £5,702 went on overseas aid, while £28.37 went to the EU. Education, meanwhile, cost him £743, while Health cost another £992.91. Defence is £329 – roughly equal to the spend on sickness and disability.

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