Tuesday 19 February 2013

If you want to chat

  1. Are you a current/former employee of a private contractor like A4e, Serco, G4S etc and happy to speak to me in confidence?

    pass the word my friends

Odd job?


Job summary

Job ID
Posting Date
Other/not classified
Job type
Part time less than 30 hours
Years of experience
Less than 1 year
Career level
Education Level
CSE or equivalent
Contract Base
Hours of Work
Temporary contract
Job reference code

Company confidential

Promotional Staff required

Job description

Dear All,
              Our company is recruiting Males and Females for purpose of promotion of our newly build website. Our company provide online dating and event management services to national and internationally clients (Families & Individuals).

What we are:

We are based in Central London and registered with companies house England and Wales. As we mentioned above our company provide Online Dating, Event Management, Marriage Solutions, Music Events to our users, families and individuals.

What we are looking for:
Our company is hiring some highly motivated individuals who are polite and well communicative.
You should be 18 years old or over.
You shouldn't member of any organisation which discriminate on color, skin, religion or any background.
You should be having at least 10 pictures for profiling.
Your should be having enough time to make profile.
You should be ready to travel around country for events and training or any associate project where and when it requires.
Your your profile will be seen on priority to all users to all ages and in future we will be running Magazines which will be use by families and individuals nationally and internationally.

What we are offering:
We are offering good benefits to our users and members. This is Job what you can do anytime when you feel free. 
1- Luxury Holiday in Dubai If you meet your Target which will be set.
2-Free Membership 6-12 months worth £200
3-Direct Access to  our website

When you recommend this site to your friend and other people. You will be getting 15%-20% by each member.

Full details and rates will be explained on Interview and if you feel happy then you can sign contract with us. It is something small but it leads you to big deal and chance presenting our company in your City. 

As we mentioned above successful applicants will be able to host our events such (wedding events, music events and small parties).

If you find it interesting then send us email recruiting.ypm@consultant.com

Appointments dates in Manchester: 19,20,21, & 22.

Event details will be sent to successful applicants.

Spreading the word

It is our duty to spread the word about whats going on, and the moment we say we dont want to talk to this man from the press. We are limiting the audience we can reach. 

Leaflets, posters, twitters, blogs, are all good. the media better as it spreads out to more people.

The one problem with blogs is if you dont know about the situation you wont search for it, so we need to have names help with publicising things.

Monday 18 February 2013

Jonty OC

Jonty Olliff-Cooper


Tweet on politics, policy, service design, innovation & social finance. Part of team that set up .Not employers' views. http://eepurl.com/pTDrj
Shoreditch & Winchester · eepurl.com/pTDrj        

He seems to have removed a4e details. He did say he was taking a break from commenting as he gets enough of that during the day.   that was a week ago and silence.  I am sure he got into BIG trouble over the comments he made.

If you notice he never had a real answer just  standard phrasing

Workfare Strikebreakers?

  1. I wonder how many strikes coming the striking workers will be replaced by workfare workers? people who cant refuse to do it

Saturday 16 February 2013

A PRO workfare site,


My reply am waiting for it to be deleted but here is what i put

Have you actually experienced the Work Programme, How come using the Dwp's own figures the Work Programme doesnt improve a persons chance of working.

Now it wouldn't be so bad if there were plenty of jobs, but the fact that we are in a recession, that many major high street stores are closing and letting staff go. You have a large amount of people going for the same jobs, some far more qualified than joe bloggs down the road. All the work programme does is allow for profit industries to get free workers, then when that is done and they leave they get the new lot in.  This will affect other workers as has been seen at Argos, they usually hire people for Christmas these people have been replaced by free workers, How is that better than actually paying someone for the work?

Of course you dont realise that these companies get money for taking work programme staff on for the so called free workers, not to mention the £400 per person these private providers get for each person on the scheme.  So the only people who are benefiting from these schemes are for profit industries and work programme providers.

Payment by results means they do the least they can to maximise their profits.

Friday 15 February 2013

some news


Employment claims prove inaccurate and misleading

By John Charles Dyer, UK Correspondent
12 Feb 2013. Statistics readily accessible through the Office of National Statistics (ONS) prove government & BBC claims concerning monthly employment statistics are misleading and/or inaccurate.


Million Jobs, a campaign formed to "stand up for young people without work", has got a lot of attention. Its 23-year-old founder, Lottie Dexter, has been quoted in the Sun warning about long-term unemployment, and was invited on to BBC News to defend the government's work experience program after elements of it were found to be illegal

Dexter was previously the communications co-ordinator of Iain Duncan Smith's right-wing think-tank the Centre for Social Justice, a role she left to launch Million Jobs. Her salary is now paid through donations from the site, but her political past sometimes shines through.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Poundland leaves Work Prog, Welfare cashcard withdrawn

Poundland Leaves work Programme
In light of the news about the Department of Work and Pensions work experience case, we would like to announce that we have been working in partnership with the Job Centre Plus over the last few months to launch our own work experience programme for those considering a career in retail.
Withdrawal from the DWP Scheme
Our work experience programme is completely voluntary – no one has their benefits taken away from them at any point during the process. This programme replaces any involvement with the Department of Work and Pensions prime providers and their work experience schemes.
We recognise the importance of offering work experience to people looking to get back into work and currently have people taking part in our own work experience programme across 71 of our stores. Since launching our scheme a positive 20% have been offered a job with us.
If you are interested in a career in retail and would like to find out more about the new work experience scheme with the Job Centre Plus please contact your local Job Centre.

I am taking it as a victory, a win is still a win, onto the next while keeping an eye on them of course. AND its been a day for news..http://socialwelfareunion.org/archives/3041 Latest news on the Welfare Cash Card Bill 2012-13
This Bill has been withdrawn and will not progress any further.
The Bill had its first reading on 18 December 2012 under the Ten Minute Rule. The second reading was expected on 1 March but was withdrawn.

Holy hell


Amazon is at the centre of a deepening scandal in Germany as the online shopping giant faced claims that it employed security guards with neo-Nazi connections to intimidate its foreign workers.
Germany’s ARD television channel made the allegations in a documentary about Amazon’s treatment of more than 5,000 temporary staff from across Europe to work at its German packing and distribution centres.
The film showed omnipresent guards from a company named HESS Security wearing black uniforms, boots and with military haircuts. They were employed to keep order at hostels and budget hotels where foreign workers stayed. “Many of the workers are afraid,” the programme-makers said.

Monday 11 February 2013

Nothing to Hide.. yet its been deleted

    1. Did delete the first comment he made about teaching people to wash and use loo paper I cant find it But luckily others have copies
    2. If you have nothing to hide as quoted by many others Do a4e still do these courses? How many people feel worse due to it
    These courses could be seen as being bullying and insulting to people perhaps you can see how many other site do it

Sunday 10 February 2013

I am not a spokesman, so says the spokesman

    1. My views, not A4e's or any of my former employers'. except when you are talking about a4e. or do those count as well?
    It is a tricky balance as obv I work for the firm, so have thoughts about my job. But I am not an official spokesperson
    1. If you are not an official spokesman, then you shouldnt be speaking about them at all You are publicising a4e therefore you are one

More from JontyOC

    1. so what have they been doing with toilet paper.. and that will help them get a job? How

    2. Some of the customers had not been using loo paper at all . Obviously they need to if they want to get through interviews

    3. Wow. Surely people that don't know how to use toilet paper are likely to have MH issues?

    4. Some customers do have MH needs yes , and we have NHS and in house support available for them.
    5. So you will send everyone for MH checking then. what qualifications do they have, can they determine MH in minutes?

    MH is complex and takes months or years to be diagnosed yet a4e will do it in 10 mins once a month?

    1. So you will send everyone for MH checking then. what qualifications do they have, can they determine MH in minutes?

      1. what will this have done to the confidence people had, that "thing" was pure bullying and insulting

Friday 8 February 2013

WTF the Mind Boggles

  1. Fascinating day with DWP staff in our Doncaster office. Sat in on class teaching people to wash and use loo paper.
    My comment

    1. so what have they been doing with toilet paper.. and that will help them get a job? How

    His reply hours later

    1. Some of the customers had not been using loo paper at all . Obviously they need to if they want to get through interviews

      1. Some customers do have MH needs yes , and we have NHS and in house support available for them.

        1. I certainly did not mean to cause offence .I apologise. I only meant was eyeopening to me that this might be an issue for some ppl

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Work Programme 2?

    1. Jonty Olliff-Cooper‏@JontyOC

      Getting stuck into creating our policy proposal for #WorkProgramme2 this week.


      8mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @JontyOC How come i have a feeling of dread when i hear that. I wonder how much money they will get to provide nothing


      6mJonty Olliff-Cooper‏@JontyOC

      I will be arguing for zero @greenwoods4727, as I would suggest it should be fully paid by results


      5mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @JontyOC PBR doesnt work, It makes these organisations do the minimum to get the maximum profits in PBR all a person is a wallet.


      3mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @greenwoods4727 @JontyOC this is the problem when private for profit providers run a PBR system It isnt about helping its about Money


      1mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @greenwoods4727 @JontyOC This also opens the door into forcing people to be self employed, people with no real plans just so they can claim

      34sEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @greenwoods4727 @JontyOC I suggest you read this article http://www.guardian.co.uk/local-government-network/2013/feb/01/payment-results-staff-fictions … this shows the perils that PBR has

Sunday 3 February 2013

Radio 5 live

Today on radio 5 live they did a story about the work providers pushing self employment.    Kirsty McHugh of the ERSA (the industry's trade body) said to complain to the provider you have problems with.

ARGH ARGH it is the standard if you have a problem with your provider go to your provider excuse. They may do a review and find everything is golden and rainbows fill the air. The providers have a reason to ignore any complaints, We cant complain to the job centre as they are not involved we dare not complain to the provider, we cant complain to the ICE because we have to complain to the provider first. Add to that the threats you feel if you dare speak out who can we really speak too No one seems to want to listen to the unemployed. 

Your mp's must get hundreds of complaints every week, the only people we can talk to is people on boards like this, on forums on twitter and spread what we know. This feels like an uphill struggle and i have come close a few times to giving up becoming the mindless drone so many people want me to become but then i remember my dad and brother who taught me to think, my great aunt for when to stand up and say ENOUGH and fight to the very last.