Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Work Programme 2?

    1. Jonty Olliff-Cooper‏@JontyOC

      Getting stuck into creating our policy proposal for #WorkProgramme2 this week.


      8mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @JontyOC How come i have a feeling of dread when i hear that. I wonder how much money they will get to provide nothing


      6mJonty Olliff-Cooper‏@JontyOC

      I will be arguing for zero @greenwoods4727, as I would suggest it should be fully paid by results


      5mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @JontyOC PBR doesnt work, It makes these organisations do the minimum to get the maximum profits in PBR all a person is a wallet.


      3mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @greenwoods4727 @JontyOC this is the problem when private for profit providers run a PBR system It isnt about helping its about Money


      1mEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @greenwoods4727 @JontyOC This also opens the door into forcing people to be self employed, people with no real plans just so they can claim

      34sEric Greenwood‏@greenwoods4727

      @greenwoods4727 @JontyOC I suggest you read this article … this shows the perils that PBR has

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