Wednesday 26 June 2013

Apparently 125 jobs

Apparently 125 jobs posted in less than an hour isnt spamming.  even though this is 5 pages of jobs from one company, when you are limited to 40 pages. If it smells like spam, looks like spam, it is spam.

Monday 10 June 2013

Been a little worried lately

AM BACK, Well Lots of news JontyOC has left A4e, I wonder was it because of those tweets I and a couple of allies made him make disgusting comments about job seekers not using toilet paper.  He did protect his twitter account, then no mention of a4e.

now theres that story,  They know theres a security flaw, yet are forcing people to sign up for it. This is totally irresponsible but what do you expect from a site that is a scammers paradise, when courses where you PAY to get a qualification is on the site..

As i said i have been worried as i am sure i am going to be sanctioned because i havent signed up for government gateway  havent put universal jobsmatch on.  I object to a government forcing me to sign up for a government site that put tracking information onto my computer to monitor me.  It would be different if it was by choice but mandation breaks certain laws. Yet no one takes them into account

The DWP are a Rogue agency  run by a liar, Hoban, Iain Duncan Smith ALL used wrong stats, exaggerated stats to justify the removal of freedom and to punish the poorest for the crime of people being unemployed