Friday 30 September 2011


well todaywas the mandated job search. all you had to do was apply for 3 jobs then go .  duplicating the job centre crap.  and in  different place.  of course he computer person there was ignorant and dumb. he was supposed to teach another person he didntn he kept vanishing.  she was sittin there all  bored and confused. he told her to do her cv. but she didnt know how to do that. so me being bored myself. i taught her. i did more for her than the staff who gets paid.. he was  little tit didt like me because well.i know.more about computers than he ever could and he hated computers rather novel teacher.   no papers as usual. brought my own in.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

short meet

well that wa interesting.  apparently the jc contracts you to a4e to do 3 job apps a week. and now you have to once a week your job search where you have to show you can do a job search.   she said was thers anything i learned from the application  module i because i have done it 4 times before.

i did say i could do a little it about interviews only to get practice.    but only to back  and shut her up.  she said the same crap tht she got lots.of with bigger gaps.  i told her what i dd for job search. she thougt i only.did. emails. not spec letters etc.  the same crap. 

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Let me get this right

She was sent on a work experience at this place a few years ago,  so she was 15 at that time.. now forgive me but dont apprenticeships mean you arent earning anything?... so how did a4e get her the apprenticeship..

North-East financial adviser Carterbar has taken on seventeen-year-old Ashley Kane as its first ever apprentice. Carterbar, which is based on the Belasis Business Park, in Billingham, Teesside, says that it was impressed with the teenager when she did work experience and was determined to invite her back.

Ashley, from Billingham, has been given a six month apprenticeship as an administrative  assistant, as part of a programme run by the A4e organisation. During her time with Carterbar, she will not only been given training in administrative skills but will also study for a NVQ Level 2 in administration.

Carterbar Managing Director Arthur Dornan said: “Ashley impressed us when she came for work experience a couple of years ago. It does not matter to us that she does not have a background in financial services. Our philosophy has always been that a person’s attitude is the most important thing about them. We can train them in how to do the job. Ashley’s attitude is excellent. Our view has always been that people can achieve success if they have the right attitude.”

Ashley said: “Although I was at college, I was more interested in the idea of learning on the job which is why I liked the idea of an apprenticeship. Administration appeals to me because it can be applied in all sorts of jobs. I am really enjoying my time at Carterbar.”

Carterbar's services include advice on investments, pensions, mortgages, life assurance, income protection and medical cover.


Monday, a4e phoned to change my interview time from 1.30 to 12.15. today a4e phoned checking that my time is 1.30 tomorrow. But they had already changed it or the advisor did.. seems like they havent got a clue.

If i was a cynic.. i would have thought it was just to find a reason to kick me off. If i go at 1.30 and my appointment was 12.15 obviously i must not be looking for work so sanction time..  

Friday 23 September 2011


apparently since i am.on the work program the jc will not do a job search for you. but isnt that their job

Tuesday 13 September 2011

First cv module

I have done this particular thing 4 times now.  I go in and i am early and waited for the others there were 6 other people.. All men..who all but me wanted warehouse, forklift truck.   I am an administrator.  The module was so boring, i could have done it in 5 mins.  Desirable, essential job needs and hidden.   How to fill in an application form.

It was useless..  as there were no jobs.

applicaton andcv workshop

well goingto be toldeverything ido iswrong today as usual a4e blames the unemployed for their failures destroying any confidence

Sunday 11 September 2011

And the unemployed "If you've got people with a degree out there, perfectly willing and able to work, with no disability, no childcare issues, and they're doing jobs 15 or 16 steps below their level of qualification because they're so desperate to get ahead, where does that leave the people with social problems?"

Add to that the unemployed as well..

Worrying figures this week revealed that 9 out of 10 of the private sector providers of the Work Programme are likely to miss targets to help get people back into work. Private providers are angry and worried because this means they won’t get paid. With 2.49 million people unemployed and rising – it is increasingly hard to find jobs for people, that is why PCS is calling on the government to stop cutting jobs and invest in creating jobs instead. Chris Grayling, the work minister, acknowledged that the biggest threat to the Work Programme is providers going bust.
There are only 2 possible solutions to this problem. Either reduce the targets for getting people jobs – which won’t help the unemployed and which will cost the taxpayer even more – or to bring that work back in house. On every objective test we have proved that civil servants in DWP do this work best – and we don’t do it by profiting from the unemployed or the taxpayer. CMEC have made the right decision this week to keep their work in-house – Jobcentre Plus should follow their example.

This is the Job centre not the government

The stories below, are the job centre staff doing this.. The government says find savings.. They could get rid of the managers.  But they are the ones who are doing the cuts..

Some news

Job centre targets hit benefits of thousands

Published Date: 21 August 2011
By Jane Bradley
THOUSANDS of Scottish jobseekers guilty of minor infringements of benefits regulations have had their allowances frozen by "overzealous" job centre staff eager to meet targets, a new report by Citizens Advice Scotland has claimed.
The consumer organisation has called for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to ensure that Jobcentre Plus staff do not use targets to impose "sanctions" on claimants. The move came after it emerged that the number of people who had their benefits cut after being found guilty of breaching rules rocketed by 459 per cent in two years.

A sanction means a Jobseeker's Allowance benefit can be suspended for up to 26 weeks if the claimant is found to have broken the regulations laid out by the job centre.

Citizens Advice Scotland claimed that Jobcentre Plus staff were implementing the sanctions too rigorously and interpreting the rules in a way which was counterproductive to the main aim of the organisation: to help jobseekers find work.

The DWP removed its "benchmark" figures for the number of people expected to be sanctioned by individual Jobcentre Plus offices earlier this year after officials were forced to admit that a "small number" of staff had interpreted the numbers as rigid targets, but Citizens Advice Scotland fears they could be eventually reintroduced.

Mrs Sanderson got a job but was made redundant in 2009, while Mr Sanderson constantly struggled to find work and was unable to complete training as an electrician because the job centre would not continue to pay his benefit because his training stopped him from being available for job interviews.
He tried to commit suicide the first time in June 2010 by crushing up 150 tranquiliser pills which he swallowed with a glass of whisky.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

The more things change the more they stay the same

League of gentlemen pauline1..

Pauline  we were thinking about jobs and what did we conclude
Ross There arent any.
Pauline,  No Ross there are so many jobs out there we have to know what our options are.

Pauline,  Your worthless less than the shit on my shoes i'm extending your restart by a month, then i am sending you on a whole series of meaningless courses, then you are gonna come back here and i am gonna re restart you.

Same crap.

 it was the same old crap.. apparently its my fault i havent got a job. because the cv has only temporary work, and thats why employers are not hiring me. T said i have too much information on my CV, and in the next sentence i have too Little.  Employers want younger and cheaper people or graduates. This is FACT, but she said oh no its not like that,,   When graduates are going for basic admin jobs, she said i should be going for lower jobs rather than basic admin.  but there are no other basic admin jobs.  She said this is anew thing  when its exactly the same as the other ones.  But yes it must be MY fault i am not getting a job.. there must be something I am doing thats not right.. Forget there are no jobs, It must be your cv/applications that are wrong..

Tuesday 6 September 2011

2nd interview

got my second appointment tomorrow. hope they havent double booked me..again.   T phoned today and said was i ok to come in.  As ifi could stop going to this manddatory