Sunday, 3 February 2013

Radio 5 live

Today on radio 5 live they did a story about the work providers pushing self employment.    Kirsty McHugh of the ERSA (the industry's trade body) said to complain to the provider you have problems with.

ARGH ARGH it is the standard if you have a problem with your provider go to your provider excuse. They may do a review and find everything is golden and rainbows fill the air. The providers have a reason to ignore any complaints, We cant complain to the job centre as they are not involved we dare not complain to the provider, we cant complain to the ICE because we have to complain to the provider first. Add to that the threats you feel if you dare speak out who can we really speak too No one seems to want to listen to the unemployed. 

Your mp's must get hundreds of complaints every week, the only people we can talk to is people on boards like this, on forums on twitter and spread what we know. This feels like an uphill struggle and i have come close a few times to giving up becoming the mindless drone so many people want me to become but then i remember my dad and brother who taught me to think, my great aunt for when to stand up and say ENOUGH and fight to the very last.


  1. radio 5 is beyond a joke. Nicky Campbell is a pathetic waste of space, in fact the rest of them aren't much better. Last week the BBC gave Shelbrooke and his welfare scroungercard a solid hour of free press.

  2. I agree totally. People are scared to complain to the provider and when they do it's simply months of repeating yourself to manager after manager each one of whom refuses to properly deal with your complaint and simply seeks to excuse and dismiss anything that's happened. I speak from experience. I complained to Triage last June and only in December did I move on to the their Prime Ingeus. I've just recently got my first reply from them and it's yet another person before I can go to the ICE, who will no doubt take an age as well. No wonder people give up or simply don't bother complaining in the first place.

  3. A few years ago i was in a4e and they said about complaint procedures in work, i said well if i had a problem with my superviser i would go to their boss, One of the problems of complaining to the person that has a problem with you is they will take it out on you, or say look Proof they are this.. so go to another person, go to their boss. The other thing is you just KNOW the information will not be passed on so it will go into limbo