Saturday, 16 February 2013

A PRO workfare site,

My reply am waiting for it to be deleted but here is what i put

Have you actually experienced the Work Programme, How come using the Dwp's own figures the Work Programme doesnt improve a persons chance of working.

Now it wouldn't be so bad if there were plenty of jobs, but the fact that we are in a recession, that many major high street stores are closing and letting staff go. You have a large amount of people going for the same jobs, some far more qualified than joe bloggs down the road. All the work programme does is allow for profit industries to get free workers, then when that is done and they leave they get the new lot in.  This will affect other workers as has been seen at Argos, they usually hire people for Christmas these people have been replaced by free workers, How is that better than actually paying someone for the work?

Of course you dont realise that these companies get money for taking work programme staff on for the so called free workers, not to mention the £400 per person these private providers get for each person on the scheme.  So the only people who are benefiting from these schemes are for profit industries and work programme providers.

Payment by results means they do the least they can to maximise their profits.

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