Sunday 18 November 2012

my views on the country

The tax system is wrong, Billions of pounds not got by the state, far far far more than any that have been allegedly claimed by fraud,  Vodaphone, Starbucks, Amazon.. I say pay 25% tax flat rate for everyone. close all loop holes, You earn 100,000 you give 25,000, earn more pay more but the ratio will remain the same. businesses, they have to hire pay more in business taxes unless they hire the unemployed/long term then they pay a little less. the money raked in by the state could pay the welfare/sick of everyone.

Keep smokers, keep drinkers, legalise prostitution run medical and health checks, and tax it, legalise drugs, tax it set up certain controls.. Crime then falls.  less money needed for the police as less crime. then you wouldnt need the PCC, or the layers and layers of red tape that costs money.  Stop all these tax havens.  Use road tax to fix the roads, nationalise the rail, the post office make them run not for profit, I am not saying pay the managers NMW, but pay them less than they get now, No one deserves 200k plus wages. Let the mps come from the people they must have been resident in the area for x amount of years abolish all political parties, Lets have a true democracy rather people voting for a party because they always have. Limit the amount of time an mp can serve to 4 terms, limit PM's to 2 terms. so there is a consistency but no one has more power. All this would make people's lives easier.. well would make the middle and lower classes better the rich well they will hate it. Just a few ideas.  Let people who want to marry get married, if thats male and female, male male, female female, or even in poly groups.  Let people live how they wish so long as it hurts no one else.

  1. Housing, set up a true retraining, get the unemployed electricians, builders to actually build a house, sell it use profits to buy more land to build more, self sustaining housing.use these building charities to train up those who arent academically clever.. Make it a meritocracy, education is good, but if you cant use it then its useless. Too many degree courses and afterwards the students need to go on extra courses on how to read/write.

The comment i made about smokers, well let pubs decide if they want to have smoking or non smoking, let the pub owners decide what they want to do. No one forced into going to a smoking pub, if they dont smoke.  Let people have a choice. set up a good transport infrastructure, buses, trains, trams. If they dont run on time fine the managers for not making them run on time. same with the post that will incentivise them into making things run on time and more efficiently, Keep the national minimum wage, use some of the money the extra tax businesses have to pay to pay for the roads as they deliver more things (not sure if they do it now but transport businesses who use the roads to deliver food make sure that money goes to the roads). Have a nationalised truly independent tv station, stating the news without bias, without pandering to one side which goes to the political change. If we must have a olympics have it central so that everyone can visit if they wish. rather than at one end of the country. whats the point is building another set, and another repeatedly when you can build ONE giant place with everything you need.

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