Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I really am worthless you know

I am unemployed, I am diagnosed as depressed due to being treated like I am Worthless, In the Press i am seen as being worthless. Even employers see me as being worthless they don't even contact me with even a refusal.  I am blamed along with the rest of the Unemployed/sick/disabled for all the problems. I am truly worthless.

I wonder if its worth even waking up anymore, when I know tomorrow will be like today only worse, with more hatred, more being told I am worthless..

Is there any point anymore,  when they blame you for everything might as well end it then they wont blame you anymore.. and yes I have fantasized about having a button that would eliminate me one push and i would be gone, some days its closer than others..

I really dont see much point anymore.. only my mum and my dog keep me here.


  1. sending solidarity - you are worth great respect and I know that your blogs give other people courage. I hope you can hold on to that. The lies you describe are very painful. thinking of you.

  2. I found this web blog by accident looking for advice. I can relate to the poor treatment that is dished out by the job centre and Work Programme providers.

    I'm currently unemployed myself due to illness. I lost my job of 15 years, three years ago due to collapsing at work. I was resuscitated by paramedics as I had stopped breathing and spent 2 weeks in hospital. When I regained consciousness I was left with epilepsy as a result which means that employers are picky when it comes to offering me work as I can't be allowed to work near machinery or water etc. I suffer with seizures on a daily basis which just adds to the depression of being unemployed.

    I don't care what anyone says, life on the dole is not a lifestyle choice for 99.9% of us. Every day is taken up by worrying about how to make the measly ESA allowance stretch enough to pay the bills. Essential items become out of reach, by that I mean buying a warm coat, replacing a pair of leaky shoes, heating my home and most of all eating a healthy diet. It's no life :(

    And we are once again in winter and I'm sitting in the library during the day just to try and keep warm because its too cold at home and I have to choose between eating or heating. If I'm warm then I stay hungry, if I eat I have to sit wrapped up in a blanket.

    At the moment I'm waiting to see the Post Work Programme hit squad at the job centre in 2 weeks, maybe it will be the last time they see me alive. I'm not sure how much more I can stand :'o(

    And i'd like them to know that it was their bullying that has led me to end it all.

  3. This is happening to so many people suffering at the hands of this dwp/government..There is nothing to say You are a human you are deserving of respect, the dwp/job centre/government have no respect for us anymore. we are surplus to their plans.. only thing i can say is try to stick around if only to annoy them. But i know its hard. what can i say I wont lie If someone decides to end it it is their choice. But Know there are many more people out there in a similar position, and there are a few readers of this blog who understand..

    Tell everyone what is going on.. shout it from the rooftops, write to the press, write to your MP, do everything you can to spread the word..

    1. I know. Some days I just feel really useless. 700 spec letters sent since March and applications on top. Had 1 interview and 4 negative responses. It sort of gets you down when the only mail that hits the mat is the DWP brown envelopes and bills. My hit squad advisor keeps making me apply for work that I simply cannot do - I'm being forced under the threat of sanctions to apply for a HGV driving role by the JC despite not having a driving licence.

      I'm able to work in jobs that I CAN do safely, and I have no problem with cleaning work and menial jobs. The issue is that there are not enough out there for all of us!

      I was ruled unfit by ATOS as they were the company who carried out my medical for my old employer when I was taken ill in 2010. 2 months later I'd made a miraculous recovery and was FIT for work at a DWP medical! And it was the same consultant that I saw - I overturned it at appeal based on the evidence that no-body can recover from epilepsy in 2 months.

      Since then I've been to 4 of these bogus medicals (found fit) and due for another soon. It's as if the government are aiming to bring back gas chambers for the unemployed, much to the pleasure of Daily Mail readers.

    2. I bet you have the same feeling of dread when a B.E.D (brown envelope of doom) appears.. its exactly like a panic attack. I would apply for these HGV jobs.. you are covering your back it isnt your fault you are being rejected, you wouldnt be allowed to drive even if you had a driving licence..You are "showing" willing.. you and i and the company knows theres no chance. but the dwp are wanting to find a reason to sanction you.. I am very much afraid that you are right about it. If you do some research you will find some very scary echoes in the policies of today and the polices of 1933-39 germany. But people dont want to see it they dismiss it as godwins law.. which does no good, when those suffering like you and me see the truth of it. I find even getting a rejection letter is moral boosting as most employers dont even acknowledge your applications

  4. The attitude of the DWP hit squad is what is most demoralising. They know the score, they have medical reports from hospital and my GP. I sent a complaint letter to the DWP head office and ombudsman in June - they wont investigate until the Jobcentre have given their final decision on the complaint. The JC seem to be stalling things as much as possible.

    I was asked to re-do my cv which I did, The advisor looked at it and said it was fine, last week it was no good and needed doing again under a direction or risk a 4 week sanction. Voluntary work is not good enough - was volunteering as a classroom assistant listening to kids read but this made me unavailable for work so they gave me orders to give it up. Now am being threatened with community service to fill my time and get me into the habit of working again - I was doing that on my voluntary work. You cant win with them.

  5. Send a lette recorded delivery to your MP, Most mp's are not much use however.. all letters HAS to be recorded by them and documented.. Guess where the community service could be.. the very same place you volunteered at.. My advice document everything, every conversation, every piece of paper.. write to your MP, if you can write to your local press. That way you can cover your back...if you send any letters to the job centre send a copy to your MP.. The hit squad is a sanction squad.. You need to understand they are not there to help they are there to sanction the only weapon we have is to be more aware of the rules than they are. go armed with as much paperwork as you can.

  6. MP has been notified by letter. He's a Tory so not holding out much hope. Even the ombudsman are having problems with JCP. They are obviously being as obstructive as possible in the hope that people will drop their complaints. Last week someone pulled up a metal bench in the waiting area and hurled it through the main window of the job centre from the inside.

    Just beats me to think that the biggest scroungers in the UK are those at Westminster who are claiming expenses for heating 2nd homes while those who are genuinely struggling on a daily basis are freezing. And they pretend that they are totally unaware!