Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My day

I generally wake at 7 am everyday.. there is that heavenly 5 minutes before the reality of the unemployed world comes crashing down.. afterward that 5 minutes i just want to roll over and sleep the day away..

I get up have my coffee.. watch the bbc news, there the stories are all about obesity and unemployment, I turn over at 8, because i know whats coming, saints and scroungers.. the Propaganda of the government into hating the unemployed. this makes me shut down even more, any good i see immediately stops when i see/hear that show.  It is worse when the dwp claim millions have got jobs, when we all know they are fiddling the figures.. this reinforces the idea that those that havent got a job well its due to a moral failing on them..Lies, damn Lies, Statistics, government statistics.

The fact that even labour once the champion of the oppressed has become the same as the tories if not worse as their "solution" to unemployment is to do even worse than the tories. Who are the unemployed to turn too to defend the national hatred of the unemployed we have no one, Not many people care to speak out, even those of us who has suffered from the dwp rarely want to speak out incase they are bullied, punished.  Who can we trust not the government, think tanks some of them are just mouth pieces of the state to justify their unconscionable policies.

I doubt there will be a revolution, because the people who can speak out are being frightened into remaining silent.  Fear is in every unemployed persons heart and mind, we feel the Job centre staff are the enemy, they are out there to trick you to bully you.  We have all seen and known stories showing this to be true.

Is it paranoia when you know they are out to get you, they are out to punish you., Is it paranoia when the entire state run media demonise people for being unemployed.. time and again we hear benefits cheats, over and over.. but the true figures are less than errors Made by the DWP. They blame the unemployed/sick for the benefits bill, when the majority is pensions.. but this doesnt fit in with government hate campaign against the unemployed.

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