Thursday, 14 November 2013

Social Mobility

On channel 4 Fact Check they asked  

FactCheck: has social mobility collapsed

My answer is this

The punishing those considered lower class, (including the unemployed, the sick and disabled) has caused people from that group to feel marginalised, they are typically going for dead end jobs that pay just the minimum, that is if they can get out of the unemployment trap. the trap is because employers dont want to hire people they consider to be "workshy" as has been told so many times by the state and press.. So if you are of the lowest level what chance do you really have, when the state run DWP is against you and they are forcing people to go for the lowest jobs if not the free jobs how will that help social mobility. When you work for nothing except your benefits how will that help you .. and before people say it is experience, i know people with years and decades of experience in finance, building, they are stacking shelves for free HOW will that help them get back into their fields.. It wont.. So social mobility is gone if it ever existed as the rich always want a class of people to look down upon. As the two ronnies and John Cleese sketch said and nothing has changed and wont when those in power have all the power.

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