Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Two minds

Part of me wants to avoid ALL conversation, any new about the job centres and DWP and the work Programme.. BUT part of me thinks this typhoon aftermath is a good week to hide what the government is doing to others.

Am I paranoid.. I KNOW they are out to get me.. I avoid the outside world for this reason, i am going out less and less havent left the house for 3 months because i feel threatened by whats happening. At least in the house I am safe, Out there it isnt safe. What with all the state run bullies. Is it paranoia when you are told you arent good enough, that whatever you do it isnt good enough. AND these ARE the people who are supposed to help you get a job...

I used to be somewhat strong.. but they have broken me, I am a broke man.. I fear I will never be repaired.. but this is what the state wants an entire class of broken people people they can force to do anything, people with no self respect as they have been told and bullied for years.. so they will become a sub class of people Not entitled to any help.

If you see and read some of the articles in the news papers, some of the comments, you will see comments like if they havent contributed they should get nothing, no health care no legal rights. Some have even said If you dont sign up to vote you shouldnt receive any  benefits this was said by an MP.. So this if they have their way will create a class of people who have no health, no hope, no future and anything can be done to them.

I am afraid of the future, and i am getting to the point where i dont want to live in  the future.. labour and tories are all competing for a race to the bottom.. Labours plans in all this is to be tougher than  the tories.. even now more people are getting sick, what will happen when labour tightens the screws... I predict suicide rates will increase.. of course that could be what they want to get rid of the "mouth breathers".. the future isnt a place i want to be in anymore

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