Sunday, 17 November 2013

Why dont some people get it..

Would you dear readers sacrifice your life to save the life of another.. Yes or No.

Would you steal to save the life of another.. Yes or No.

Would you gladfully be in prison if your actions saved one person.. Yes or No.

or would you be selfish and say well i have to obey the law and let them die.. EVEN when you know it is a Unjust and Unfair Law.

We are stuck in the prison of the outside world.. one without hope of parole, we have a life sentence. and are being punished every day and in every way we are losing what rights we have.. We are being stolen from to feed the rich.. wouldnt you steal from the rich to feed the poor? or are you too scared of the rule of law.

Some have said might as well mug a little old lady.. No.. first that would be stealing from someone who is poor maybe poorer than you.. second stealing from mega corporations who pay no taxes, who throw out millions of tonnes of food each year.. those who make a profit from the misery of the poorest.. they can surely survive.

Stealing should ONLY be done under dire circumstances.... and never for personal gain..

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