Monday 5 August 2013

This is the form that was sent today


  1. Well since leaving the work programme, i have to go see an adviser, and a post work programme support appointment on two separate days.

    This is i assume for the work programme 2 the revenge where they come after the survivors of the first one. Anyone leaving the work programme will receive one to get filled in..

  2. Hi, I asked on twitter what this form was and got the following replies. I asked if it was a Customer Assessment Tool (which is not mandatory to fill in):

    @refuted: Can't see anything saying mandatory/sanctions? CAT could b used 2 record responses, CAT use requires consent.
    @refuted: Responses to assessment form could be used to meet criteria 4 Mandatory Work Activity & compulsory training.
    @refuted: Page 'Basic Belief' & 'Alcohol & Drugs' = sensitive personal data & therefore responses must b consent based.
    @refuted: See item (16) for related comments

    Hope the above helps clarify the form a bit for you. As far as I can see it does seem to be a CAT and therefore requires consent, which you are free to refuse as that is your right. If they don't put on the form a sentence saying "this is mandatory etc." then you're under no obligation to fill it in and they ought not to sanction you. It would be interesting to know who issues these forms - your JCP or someone in the DWP? Anyway, good luck with your appointments.

  3. Thanks, it just seemed very intrusive, I mean i dont drink cant drink, i do take drugs... prescription ones for pain every day.

    It is bad that you need to check to make sure they arent tricking you. its wearing me out..

  4. thanks I did challenge her about that form she used the words but it will make mondays interview longer if you dont fill it in.