Sunday 11 August 2013

Jobseeking is a Job in itself can i have holidays

Mark Hoban is reported on saying that if you want a job you should treat job searching as a job 40 hours a week. OK there are problems with this how many companies can you really apply for in 40 hours before you start repeating the "gissajob".

It isnt your fault you cant get a job you can have all the qualification/skills in the world and they mean ABSOLUTELY nothing if employers dont want to hire people.  

If he is saying looking for a job is a job in itself what about training since you arent available for job search job because you are trying to enhance your opportunities then could you be sanctioned for that. If he wants to consider it a "job" does that mean we get days off.

Zero hour and self employed catalogue deliverers they rely on insecurity It wouldnt be so bad if you had a partner who was working full time, but when you have just one wage earner who doesnt know  if tomorrow he/she can afford to eat then how is that going to help people.

The fact you can do everything right apply for 10-15 jobs a week, read all the local papers, phone agencies, yet if you miss ONE thing you could have a doubt put on you. It is as if that anything else you do they are going to find an excuse to find something wrong.  Seen people sanctioned for an adviser not putting down on the system they have been seen this is why I ALWAYS get my adviser to sign my job search print list..

Took mine in on friday with copies of ALL my emails and she was shocked and said that is a LOT of jobs I do it because it sounds bad but I dont trust them

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