Tuesday 13 August 2013

jsa to esa?

Well today has been busy, since getting the sick note saying i am not fit for work for at least a month I had to claim for ESA, because i am not fit for work.. So i tried last night but no one was answering  so today i applied it was slow and instrusive applying, so i did it  got it sorted.

Then i phoned the adviser and told her that she really upset me the statement she kept making about me being paid by the taxpayer something we all know combined with the terms languishing on the dole. that you cant just sit on the dole.

Made me feel even more worthless than usual, the fact she dismissed any voluntary work as not important as it wasnt PAID work made me feel as if my life wasnt worth anything and when i tried to get experience in a voluntary role it was dismissed (how a volunteer job is worse than a work placement i  dont know)

Now I tend to get in touch with my MP by letter because some clients would get very angry i know i did but i got more upset.

I now wonder will she be able to claim a success for this post work programme as i am no longer on JSA

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