Tuesday 10 December 2013

I dont care anymore

I dont care about my health, If i die tomorrow doesnt bother me.  At least i will be out of this hell.

At least i wont be hurt and upset by people/dwp/government. At the moment i am not going to consciously kill myself, but i have given up, whats the point in it all..

death by self neglect.. why should i wish to live longer by eating "healthier" exercising more, living longer means suffering more pain..

Being treated like dirt, all the time, by feeling worthless all the time, by being told we are scum, we are lazy, why bother.

this is what is happening to people they are ceasing to care, I'd smoke if i could afford it to make my life end a little sooner.   They want quantity of life so people can pay more taxes, so they can give more money to the state.. but life is about quality of life and at the moment that quality of my life is very low.. So why bother..

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