Sunday 8 December 2013

I hold the DWP to Account

For every death, whether due to suicide, or being frozen to death by having their money stopped BY the DWP I hold them responsible for Murder. For every day of destitution they inflict on others I hold them responsible.

For every child that goes hungry because their parents have been sanctioned, I hold the DWP responsible.

Some may try to use the excuse Only following orders.. That will not wash. They could have stood up and said NO..Yet they haven't THEY are responsible.  For those that attack the DWP/Job centre staff they are NOT responsible for their actions. They have been pushed too far by the DWP/Jobcentre So the onus is on the Job centre and the dwp.. They are responsible for all acts of violence against their own staff.

By treating people like scroungers, treating them like they are lazy.

BY treating so many people like they do, they are responsible for Mass Murder.. They are bullies and anyone forced to kill themselves to get away from the DWP/Job centre.. they must be treated Like bullies and be held accountable.

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