Wednesday 4 December 2013

Some ideas on HOW I would try to fix the country

 Ok.. take the funding for the work programme and focus it on local groups, rather than the multinational companies , that way you can individually tailor jobs to the area..what works in london doesnt work in liverpool and vice versa. Give employers a business tax break IF they hire the unemployed, even if its 6 months, that way you get employers to take a chance on the unemployed.. Free workers are depressing wages for others, its replacing people who get paid and thereby spend money with free workers people who have less..So i would ban all free internships, and forced volunteering. Set up proper training organisations with valid quals (nvq's gcse's etc) Not the kind of things that work programme providers do where the "qual" is cv writing..

Invest in local transportation rather than the HS2, which will start in london and eventually make its way up north in decades time, that wont help northern workers. Use that money to repair what beeching buggered up last time.. let towns have transportation to each other rather to the main hubs.. which all add costs and time.

remove the subsidy given to wind farms If wind farms worked and was profitable they wouldnt need the subsidy.. thereefore they are not profitable, plus they have a limited lifespan, and doesnt work in too windy, not enough wind, if the wind it pointing the wrong way.. meaning it is very erratic and you need other power stations to cover intime of calm winds.. invest in sea power, hydro electric.. and nuclear,

Make mp's and parties/government departments responsible for breaking their promises for making errors, as in the universal credit. Cut the wages of MP's if they dont turn up for votes, make them responsible for voting.. Mp's shouldnt have second homes, they should stay in government run houses in London when they are in london, they have to have lived in the area where they are mp's for a minimum of 5 years so they know the people and areas. ban expenses If they cant afford on their £60k a year plus to buy food etc then they are bad at finances..

 Get a accountant in charge of the finances of the country, a dr in charge of health and so on.. stop having idiots who have no clue running departments,

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