Friday, 26 July 2013

the Big bad wolf and the 3 little pigs

Once upon  a time there were 3 little pigs and being of an
unscrupulous mind, they decided to build and rent out substandard

Now the first little pig decided to build his house of straw as he had
a contact in the farming  industry, and he would let him have some
straw cheap.   So the first pig built this house and advertised it as
a "Charming Rustic Thatched Cottage".  But when the first applicants,
who were first time buyers, signed the mortgage and rent agreement
before seeing this property.

When these new home owners saw that it was just made of straw, they
immediately went to the Planning department to complain about the
house, and saw a very nice  person there named B  B Wolf.

Who went to visit and saw the substandard building materials,  put an
injunction to stop the first pig plc from ever building again and B B
Wolf condemned the property and it was demolished

The first little pig, then being annoyed went to his brother the
second little pig who also had a construction company and got a job
with him  Second Little Pig plc.

He also had contacts but  this time in the forestry industry who sold
the Second little pig some protected trees and so build some out of
wood.  He too had a sideline in providing mortgages.

The second little pig , after advertising the properties as a totally
Green House, ecologically friendly put up the price of this property.
So he could sell it to some pretentious Yuppies.  And lo and behold it
sold along with others not yet built.  .   After deciding that it
wasn't worth building anymore, he then sold more houses in a time
share scam and when the "Green" house developed woodworm the new
owners tried to take the second little pig  to Court citing     unsafe
building.  Unfortunately, the Judge was a friend of the pigs and
accepted a backhander from them to throw the case out.   One again B B
Wolf the Building Inspector condemned the house and banned Second
Little Pig from ever being a director of any company again.

Now the Third little pig was annoyed at the B B Wolf an the problems
that his 2 younger brothers were in.  Decided to take revenge and
asked for Planning Permission and a Review of Building Practices,from
B  B wolf.   They had hidden the fact it was the 2 little pigs by
setting up a holding company in the Isle of Mann called TLP Ltd.  So B
 B Wolf arrived to inspect the new premises.  He was shown the
building including the basement which was just   getting poured with
concrete.  As the Wolf went down the steps the first and second little
pig tripped him up and sent him down into the new concrete basement
and filled it in while B  B Wolf was alive.

And that was the end of the Big Bad Wolf.

And the TLP (the three little pigs) Limited made a fortune selling bad homes

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