Friday 26 July 2013

My poems

my love, my life, my heart
where can i start?
by saying How much you mean to me,
by being there next to you
by holding your hand when your ill
by cheering you up when your down,

you are everything thats worthwhile
you are my sun, and stars, my smile
you make it worth waking up
my everything, let us be together
nothing doesnt matter
you are my one and only,
the heart that beats under my skin
beats for you, i live for you.

new poem

if the sight of me offends you,
then i shall pluck out your eyes
if my voice offends you,
then i shall fill your ears with red hot lead
if you tongue offends me,
then i shall rip it out of your mouth

poem 7

time is my enemy
trapped in an eternity
of loneliness and boredom
can anyone rescue me from
this time of nothing

the quiet time has ended
the enemies are at the gate
forcing, pleading begging
to justify their lives
yet to accept would be disaster

no one cares about the lost
we are hidden from the world
in a purgatory forced upon us
we endure, we still live
even if they destroy our souls

yet some of us fight
their pathetic beliefs
of a worthy existence
doing things we hate
the call is out

the enemy tries to call
yet it fails
in their place of loneliness
they cry their words
into the air

they know the truth
these enemies of reality
they say they understand
yet not believe
we know the truth

outdated items and thoughts
born in another age
no on knows the truth
apart from the lost
we carry on for to give in lies ruin

black hearts and black souls
all in a pretty package
yet the blackness remains
in their hearts
to justify themselves

our hearts call for revolution
yet we cant agree
our confidence has gone
we live day to day
without hope


call me Mr safe
call me friend
but they never call me lover
never do they say they want me
I am Mr safe
the loneliest kind of man
always there for you
I care and love too
yet Mr safe is always alone
my heart aches
no one knows

Call me Mr Safe
Calling me friend
They now call me brother
They always want someone else
I am Mr Safe
Tired of asking, tired of refusal
Alone again
Love will never be for me
Mr safe is always alone
My heart is cold
No one cares.

Call me Mr safe
Call me friend
Its not by my choice
That I hear those words
I am Mr Safe
Looking for a reason
To love in this world
Yet seeing no one caring
My heart no longer sings
The loneliness and solitude
No one sees

Call me Mr safe
Please don't call me friend once more
I wish to love again
Yet knowing I never will
I am Mr Safe
Let me be with you
Just once to show my love
But that isn't going to happen
Just to love and live
Yet my life is empty
No one hears

Call me Mr safe
Call me friend once more
If I cant love without you
Then I will wait
I am Mr safe
Till the day I die
I will adore you
Yet feeling my heart
Grow cold and still
I don't want to be alone
No one feels

poem new

the darkness consumes me
my loneliness is everything
I see life and love
yet never touch its beauty
I watch and wait
till the time I know will never come
I embrace the dark
my only lover
the loneliness is eternal

our hearts may beat as one
yet mine is dying
from the loneliness
watching others
living through them
loving through them
yet not being able to touch them
the beauty that fascinates and scares
I now need the loneliness and solitude
yet I hate it
the love I feel is gone
only nothing remains

poem 6

Your eyes glow in my heart
your very touch intoxicates
I feel your life within you
my heart wants to be with you
yet you are unobtainable
the beauty of my heart and eyes
time will wait till we grow old
and our friendship grows
until we find we are the missing one
in our lives and hearts

poem 5

the fire that burns in my heart is my love for thee
there is a hole in my soul where you should be
you face haunts my dreams where it dwells
your voice rings in my ears like the peeling of bells
the very touch of your hand sets my skin on fire

Love is eternal, love is essential, love is
all I want to feel on my lips is your tender kiss
for I shall lose my heart to you when you do
every moment away from you makes my heart ache
but I will take my time as I don't want to make a mistake

the darkness in my soul needs a bright light
you may be in my mind, heart and soul but I need you within my sight
at least once so I can speak all the things that my heart wants to say
if only I could be with you this moment this day
only you can douse the fire in my heart

without you my life seems dull
it has no colour for you are so beautiful
you bring vibrancy into my life when I talk to you
everything glows with my love for you
but only when you are near

say the word and I will be yours
no matter where in the land or shores
I need you my darling, my heart
just tell me when I may start
to worship you and your soul

poem 4

Dreams are the reality of the soul
The dream of my life is to love
When the heart aches that's the absence of love
one day out hearts will beat as one
soon our lives will be lived not alone

sharing, being, loving, holding

my life is empty without you
you make my heart sing and soar
each day I have begun to love you more
your beauty knows no limits or barriers
you are my heart carrier
my life my love my very being is yours

whenever I cry I know you are not near
my love for you is entirely clear
we shall love together in happiness

poem 3

in my life only you inspire me
my love for you is deep within
I celebrate my love for you as you can plainly see
your very presence has my heart in a spin
yet I have never seen your face
That doesn't seem to matter
for I know one day we will meet in that place
the place where I can show that you matter
I love and only want to be near
to my love that I hold so dear
time is killing me
love is spinning me
be mine my love for you are my world, my very being
my beauty of the soul

Poem 2

sitting in the darkness
crying tears that no one sees
making a mask for everyone to see
holding my heart sealed in a box
looking for someone
with the key to the locks
steel cold, heart ice
still crying in the dark
where no one sees

poem 1

Here i sit surrounded by people
feeling lonlier than ever
seeing their lives and loves
watching yet never taking part
it must be destiny to be alone
to never feel the touch of her face
to never feel her warmth..
to see her smile at another
when all i want is to be her lover

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