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Introduction to Support for the Very Long-Term Unemployed - Community Action
Programme (CAP)
  • Introduction to Guidance      
  • Background to CAP
  • The aims of CAP
  • Critical Success Factors
Claimant Eligibility
  • Introduction
  • Claimant Eligibility
  • Claimant Group
Referrals and initial engagement
  • Referral
  • Provider acknowledges referral
  • Provider accepts referral
  • Clerical referrals
  • Initial Engagement activity
  • Action where a claimant fails to attend the Initial Engagement Meeting
  • Provider registers start
Time on placement
  • Time on CAP
  • Participation during the placement period
  • The CAP placement
  • Provider-led Jobsearch
  • Absences from CAP
Change of Circumstances and Notifications
  • Participant notifies provider of change of circumstances
  • Jobcentre Plus notifies provider of a change of circumstances
  • Informing Jobcentre Plus of an incident or accident on your premises
Mandating Claimants / Raising a compliance doubt
  • Mandating claimants to undertake activity
  • Identity checks
  • Raising a compliance doubt
  • Compliance doubt raised
  • Labour Market Decision Maker (LM DM) notifies provider and participant of outcome
Re-engagement and Reviewing a Sanction
  • JSA claimant currently on 26 week sanction
  • Provider decides that participant has re-engaged
  • Provider notifies Labour Market Decision and Appeals ( LM DMA)
  • CSO LM DMA notifies provider of outcome decision
JSA Entitlement doubt
  • Provider identifies entitlement query for JSA claimant
  • Provider gathers information and sends to JCP
  • Labour Market Decision Maker and Appeals (LM DMA) makes decision and notifies the participant and the Provider
Financial Procedures
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Start Fee
  • Completion Fees
  • Sustained Job Outcome Fee
  • Self Employment
  • Retention of Supporting Evidence
  • Validation of Claims,
  • Pre-payment validations for completion Fees
  • Post payment validations of Sustained Job Outcome Payments
  • Irregularities / potential fraud
Additional support
  • Introduction
  • Support whilst on Placement
  • Childcare
  • Travel Expenses for CAP
  • Additional Support
  • Financial Assistance
Completing the Community Action Programme
  • Early completers of the Community Action Programmed
  • Participant is due to complete the Community Action Programme (26 weeks)
  • Completion and return of the Exit Report
Accessing other programmes
  • Access to Work
  • In Work Credit
Communicating your minimum standards
  • Requirements for communicating your minimum service standards to participants who are joining the CAP.
  • Key Responsibilities
  • CAP Participant Complaint Process
  • Mixed Complaints (against you and JCP)
  • The Independent Case Examiner
Performance Management, Delivery standards and Evidencing Requirements
  • Introduction
  • Service Delivery Standards
  • Assurance Processes
  • Performance Management and Account Management
  • Performance and Management Information (MI)
  • Provider Assurance Team (PAT)
  • JCP and TPPMs
  • JCP Single Point of Contact
  • Quality
  • Trailblazer Evaluation
  • Collection of MI
Standard wording for your final response to the participant

Community benefit guidance
  • Introduction
  • Defining principles
  • Questions to consider
  • Examples of community benefit
  • What is not community benefit?
  • Unsuitable types of activity
  • Ensuring customers are not exploited by placement providers
CAP definitions
  • Introduction
  • Referral
  • Full-time Work Experience Placement Activity
  • Allotted Time
  • CAP Week
  • Allotted Time Start
  • Engagement Activity
  • CAP Placement Start Date
  • Start Fee
  • Job Start
  • Job Outcome Fee
  • Completer
  • Completion Date
  • Completion Fee
  • Exit Report
  • Did not engage
  • Participant moves outside CPA
List of Abbreviations
Annex 5
CAP Forms

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