Wednesday, 23 November 2011

23 november 2011

off to a4e at 10.. probably will be told off for applying for too many jobs. And threatened with sanctions for doing that..

remember when i got toldoff for aplying for to many jobs. well she has upped my 3 a week to 5. and wants me to do volunteer work. unpaid forced volunteered. most of.these places wont take a chance. in training me then knowing i will leave ronce i got exp. she also doesnt understand that coming from a city to a town. is not the same as town to city. but then again she is a scouse. i have applied for paid jobsincheetham hill as travel is better. but to prescot one bus an hour and stops after 5 aNd its a volunteer job. she usedthewords barrier and didnt listen likeshe never does

does she not know about voluntary jobs. she said because i have no bills that means i have less gumption to get a job. perhaps she wants me to be in debt so i can geta job. and that a pttls qual will not get ne a job. that they are useless after a year anyway. and she will not put me forward for any training as that wont advance your career. which means she doesnt want to know. and her only option is force me to volunteer or sanction time. but only 15 hours a week as you have to do a4e as well.

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