Wednesday, 23 November 2011

5.35 am

well. i havent managed to sleep. i have been going oover in my head what that adviser said.  and the more i think the more i think she incompetent.and a liar and is quite likely setting me.up to fail.  then she can sanction me for it.

apparently her daughter suffers from arthritis like me but advisor still takes.her so her kid sudenly has osteoarthritis of her ankles does she? strange she never said anything before.  adviser also.commented.on my i walking more.. you mean on the ankles that hurt  everyday. and that i hqve to take pain pills.for. how i should be will sorry butwhen you are in constant pain. you minimise it.

then once again. she never listened to me aboutn travel. since.she its easy to get to where i live.  but to get from where i am.with a limited.bus service to another place with another limited service is hard.  if i was say manchster its easier as the trains run every 15 mins. where to get to the small place. the bus is once an hour  now. 

she stated i was resistant to change. why because the was nothing else.i can do to get.a job.  i apply via job.centre site.other sites phone agencies.  she cant suggest.anything i am not doing and explaining that to her means i am resistant to change.  She has now upped my aplying for 5a week this is.the same woman who said i was applying for too many. and she will be monitoring it.

i in front of a car or bus or train everything i wrong this is the kind a4e.  bullies and thugs and idiots

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