Wednesday, 5 February 2014


SOrry if i seem very disjointed in this post, appparently i am well.. forget that i have depression...

I got zero poijnts on the atos test  no surprised.. the dwp apparently call you now with the test results and dealing with the job centre dwp makes me upset and think whats the point...

the woman was ok on the phone but having to deal with them makes me sick.. i told her about the adviser ssaying volunteer work didnt count, and did i report her i said her boss was 6 foot away from her and me and did nothing when i burst into tears in the office.. So i am put onto the WRAG for 6 months.. I started stammering again when dealing with the dwp.. it only happens when i am upset... or angry, came to sit down and both my legs are shuddering...i am close to the edge.. please wont they leave me alone

why cant they just let me live... why must it always be my fault...please why wont they leave me alone...

I dont hurt anyone, i am not malicious.. i am kind, and gentle yet why wont they leave me be..

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  1. Something has gone drastically wrong in the DWP.

    There is a terrible culture that noone seems either capable of or interested in addressing. IDS just shakes his head and 'believes' otherwise while the media downplays every anecdote.

    There is going to come a point where this will explode. Something somewhere will snap.

    Good luck to you.