Thursday, 6 February 2014

Obesity and 5 a day

 the 5 a day is a myth no health benefits, in fact eating too much fruit destroys the enamel on the teeth the 5 a day was made to sell more fruit and veg Society is living longer.. but they are also dying younger at the same time..  the increase of eating 5 a day during which time there has been an increase in so called obesity. Hpowever at the same time the BMI limit for saying someone is obese has been dropped so at one time a person went to bed of "healthy" weight but because of the change in figures, they woke up obese.. the whole obesity doesnt take into account genetics, even during the 2nd world war with rationing you got fat people not because they ate a lot of "bad" stuff  its because of genetics.. yes we are more sedentary,  but you can be healthy if you are fat..ook at a lot of the sports stars, they are technically obese, using theBMI, there are exceptions if you are of a different race, or ethnicity.. there are exceptions if you are a woman, and it depends on the age of the person as well..the BMI was based on insurance figures in the 1930's didnt count those who didnt get insurance,  it was a limited pool of people to extract size data from..then they reduced the figures in the 90's and the 2000s to make more people "obese".. Just at the time when the diet industry makes tens of billions off the idea you have to be thin to be happy, that you have to be thin to be worthy so no wonder the obesity groups are so happy that diets dont usually work in fact diets have been known to increase weight gain..which means more money for the industry..

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