Monday 21 January 2013


PBR in theory would work, However that is all it is a theory. PBR means how can we maximise our profits,  we shall do the least we can and rely on those people who apply who do everything, and claim the results.  Giving proper education/training for people costs money, Things that will help people get a long term job, Now we come back to the How can we maximise our income.  Now I am not saying they all do this just the Major companies appear to be doing this. This PBR is also a short termism dream,  Invest in true training true education and in the long term the skill set of the unemployed will rise and make them a better selling point, But once again this costs money. The smaller companies (precious few of them) cant afford to invest this way, the Bigger wont invest and the people who really suffer are the unemployed.

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