Thursday 10 January 2013


I see a4e is now making a loss. Good

Scandal-hit A4e paid its former chairman Emma Harrison a £1.5m dividend last year before she stepped down, with further payments to associated companies, despite the group falling to a £2.1m loss, accounts show

Accounts filed at Companies House also reveal A4e paid Miss Harrison’s associated business, Andromeda Park, a conference management company, £188,000, for “services” and her husband’s business, Thornbridge, £816,000 for lease of property, totalling just over £1m for the couple.
This is despite A4e making a loss of £2.1m in 2012, following a pre-tax profit of £15.1m in 2011.
Group sales declined from £234.3m in 2011 to £194.1m last year. In the UK, sales were significantly down, from £215.6m to £167.1m over the period. The highest paid director at A4e received £416,000, the accounts showed. This is £110,000 more than the highest paid director in 2011.


  1. 416k and no one bats an eyelid.

    Yet when the unemployed claim a few quid suddenly the fat cats and their right wing lackeys go crazy!

  2. One rule for them, and one rule for us, they live in a different world