Wednesday, 25 July 2012

in the past

Well today I had a thought, Last time i was in a4e, i got an email from a company saying you can earn £800-£2000 per week, for a 4 hours a week. I thought this was odd, so i took it to my adviser, and she said i should apply for it, i said it feels wrong, the words used were wrong. She said if you are unsure send your cv but with no information about where you are..  No coincidentally i had a friend who was going through how to detect fraud in the law area.. and they agreed with me and passed the email on.. i find out it was money laundering for the russian mafia.  It would have gotten me a 7 year prison sentence but she wanted me still to apply.. the job advert was passed to the serious fraud office and yet she still wanted me to apply

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