Sunday 8 July 2012

A4e again

I have learned one thing from a4e that is to cover my back at ALL times, Protect me, Get everything on paper,  if you have to sign, check everything.

Get a copy of your own stuff, dont trust on the paperwork there staying around.

I would never suggest getting a spy camera  Or this   I would never suggest using these.

It is bad that you have to feel as if you have to use these devices. Not that i am saying you should..

A4e, has been in the news recently They have 115,000 clients, only 4,020 people have got jobs in 10 months,  A4e put foward 10,000 of these people for sanctioning, but only 3,000 were upheld.  Each "client" gets a4e £400.. so thats £46 MILLION just to get bums on seats.. working it out and for each person a4e got a job for earned a4e £11,000

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