Monday, 17 September 2012


Ok there has been some discussion from Jonty Olliff-Cooper On Twitter (I am Eric Greenwood).  About A4e, Now he is using the standard Come and visit us we arent so bad..

BUT when they have comments from countrywide all stating the same thing, when a4e shut down her other place not getting in touch with them, but their provider.  That sort of thing leaves an impression

as they say here
"The purpose of your comment was to get me to publish it, to show what a reasonable chap you are.  You made no attempt to answer the points I made; specifically your consistent failure to meet targets.  You ignored everything ever published, not just in this blog, but in so many other forums, and stuck to the line that if critics just understood and appreciated how wonderful A4e is, they would change their minds. "

From my personal experiences of a4e, and the fact they have bullied me and others, made me feel threatened with sanctions, laughed at, and havent even listened to our comments.

We do NOT trust a4e, we do NOT trust any work fare programme whatever they wish to call it.  This is profiteering off the backs of the unemployed. They are getting Paid MORE than the benefits bill to do less than if it never existed.   One size Does NOT fit all. yet this is what a4e is doing

since when did he know what its like to be on the dole, since when does he knows how hard it is to get a job, without mummy and daddy pulling strings oh yes he will say he spent a few weeks on the dole so knows about it all

Mr Olliff-Cooper, 29, went to school at Winchester College, then studied modern history at Oxford University before taking an MPhil in cultural and political history at Cambridge University.
After joining the Boston Consulting Group as an associate he worked with the Department for International Development for a year. He then taught for two years at the Prime Minister’s old school, Eton.
He joined the Conservative Party as a policy adviser in 2008 and a year later was a head of programme of the Progressive Conservative Project at Demos – an independent think-tank.
In September 2010 he joined the A4e group as a director of policy and strategy. Months later, A4e founder Emma Harrison was appointed Mr Cameron’s ‘families tsar’ with a brief to get problem households ‘back to work’.
Ten years ago, Mr Olliff-Cooper was filmed lording it over servants as he starred in a TV reality show.
His family appeared in Channel 4’s The Edwardian Country House at Manderston House in Berwickshire in 2002. Critics claimed at the time that Mr Olliff-Cooper played his part with ‘relish’.

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