Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Caught again

I have been caught again by the dreaded A4e,  This company is a leech upon the economy.

Well, after seeing some incompetence, getting the wrong paperwork and chasing around trying to find the truth, I have discovered i have to go to A4e..The same place that ruined my confidence, on the 2 times before.. They are claimings its all new, when it exactly the same

You will have an individual meeting to see what they can help you with.. Help with cv's  Mine have been called perfect by a4e last time i was there. Or use their old computers, think fred flintstone would look on these as being outdated.

Old papers, as usual no doubt.. so what can they do to help me get a job.. erm.. use the £400 they give a4e for each client to work on getting a proper job, rather than jobs that lead nowhere.  

Last time i was there they destroyed my confidence, and now everytime i get sent there my confidence falls massively. Just the idea of going there makes me feel as if i want to crawl into a cave and pull the walls down.

But its different to the last one.. thats what they said last time.. and the time before.  I see the same people there over and over.. I will be recording everything that happens.

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