Thursday, 8 August 2013

Group information session

ok after processing what was said.. they said i have to do 1-3 things a week to prove i am job seeking.. if i am able to do a job ishould be able to jobsearch for 40 hours a week.  For the first month i have to go there 2 or 3 times a week,  then once a week after. they will create 3 tasks.. and one or 3 of those is mandatory you HAVE to do it, regardless

They stated 3 times sanctions and they are not there to trick people three times.. which means they are

Now they mentioned sector based academies, 6 - 8 weeks of free working potential qualifications, in these fields    FLT, care taxi driving, HGV coach, call centre to work in a hotel.  They have 48 hours notice to place their clients so it could be anyone in the merseyside area and its jsut chance and speed if a person gets on it.

The sector based academies are in liverpool, bootle, speke, and trs widnes. Where you will be forced to attend,

Now this woman let slip that all signing will be done electronically  via the Universal credit site/jobsmatch when its connected up.  Does this mean that people will have no choice BUT to use UJM to sign on? then there is mandatory work experience but thats purely voluntary..??


  1. I hope not. That is outrageous! I have so far refused to sign up for Universal Jobmatch

  2. today was the adviser interview she said not signing up was not doing your utmost to look for work but she backed down when i quoted the UJM toolkit..but they will try to trick you

  3. There will never be Universal Credit. The tech doesn't exist and it can't be wished or legislated into existence.

    1. I can only hope so, and that, when UC does eventually fail it takes IDS with it.