Wednesday, 7 November 2012


My reply

Ok, I have had the misfortune to visit a4e THREE times, Three times they promised to find me a job, 3 times they FAILED.  This time my hour long meeting, has been cut to 10 minutes. It takes me longer to get there on the bus than i spend there.  I have effectively been called a liar, i have been bullied, insulted by a4e. They took no notice of my medical problem (not bad enough to go off sick).

I now have a meeting with them about once a month, thats it No training is ever offered, No placements or work experience,  Nothing. Yet they get £400 per person on their scheme.  In addition as part of the contract they have with the DWP they are exempt from monitoring.  They use the black box apppoach which means they can do anything they wish.. But in reality they do Nothing.

Being with them for over a year i have had no calls from them except to "remind" me about the monthly meeting.   The time before this current session, they promised they would help fund a PTTLS course, so they wanted me to teach other clients how to use a computer, which i did thinking it would help,, but at the end of the time they said sorry no money.   Then the government changed and the FND was abolished and the government gave Millions to the work providers for cancelling the contract.   Is a4e value for money  Hell NO.. yet Jonty Wants MORE money thrown at a company/companies that not only failed once, but have failed repeatedly.

I am not surprised they want more money, because they know there are no jobs out there,  yet they want as much money as they can get. I predicted within the first few months they would try to ask for more money.  So not only are we having to spend on a4e and work programmes and their  ilk but also spending on welfare. Yet the focus is all on welfare people not the waste of money the work programme gets.  This money could have been spent in actually creating sustainable jobs. But the work programme is just a way for private companies to profit from the state.. and for the state to hand BILLIONS of the publics money  into unregulated and incomptent companies.

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